Need help with h3-2D install

Apr 24, 2014
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I am looing to purchase a used H3-2D for my P2 I currently have a tarot gimbal. My goal is to install the Zenmuse with FPV components without doing any soldering. I was able to do this with my Tarot gimbal using the cable in the first picture. I do not think this cable will work with the Zenmuse because the cable plugs directly into the Go Pro USB Port. If this cable will not work I was then going to purchase the plug and play cable shown in the second picture which plugs directly into the Phantom control board. I am not sure what other cables/components I would need, I listed the components I intend on purchasing to install a Zenmuse H3-2D on my P2. Please let me know if there is any other things I would need or should get. Also if anyone has a better was to install gimbal without soldering please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My purchase list:
  • Plug and play cable (Picture 2)
  • Grey Zenmuse cable
  • Dampening Balls
Should I get this these components?
  • FPV Hub
  • Gimbal clamp to secure the gimbal when not in use
  • Upgraded USB plug
The setup in the second photo will work and you could also mount the iOSD inside along with Can-Bus connector. This is an older photo but where the iOSD is mounted is the same. I change TX and used the plug n play cable in the second photo you posted.
Thanks for your help I will purchase the cable in the second picture to set up me zenmuse plug and play.
Thanks for your help I will purchase the cable in the second picture to set up me zenmuse plug and play.

You haven't mentioned what TX you're using as that plug n play is for the immersion TX. Hopefully I've ordered everything to match.
Do you know with installing h3 2d on phantom 2? Do we need the PMU or GCU or don't need them to work, is it really just plug and play?

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