Micro SD cardslot prob...

Apr 23, 2016
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Porvoo, Finland

Anyone else having problem with Phantom 4 Micro SD cardholder? Today I took long videos and after landing and getting my battery to chill before starting it to charge again I took my card from P4. Transferred videos to my computer and then I was going to put card back to P4 but the cardholder just ejects my card...Tried another new card but same result.
You know it goes in upside down, right? . . . I thought there was no card in there at first because the color of the bottom is black and the slot looked empty.

Push it all the way in with your thumb nail until you hear a soft CLICK
Yep the contacts go in top side. The first time I took mine out it realy did not pop out well, but after a few times it clicks and pops out well. Be gently and don't push it in to far, push gently till it clicks then stop, same to remove push gently till it clicks and it will pop out a bit. Don't push in to far because a saw a post that a card stayed jammed in the slot.
Hey guys....I'm 40 years old. Have many devices with micro SD like phones. I know how to put it in xD. It just clicks when pressing it in and won't hold it. Never had issues with SD cardholders. I like my P4 even with flaws that it have have to call seller because have 23 days time to return it. Hopefully I get another. Or then P4 goes to repair or something and I'm out of bird.. :(

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