micro sd card

  1. R

    Micro SD card worked...but only for 15 seconds. Go figure.

    Just a quick note in case anyone else might run into this weird experience with a micro SD card . I was using an older 64GB Sandisk micro SD card in the P4P. I had used it quite a lot in previous drones with GoPros and it might have even served time in my phone before that. Well, while actually...
  2. DroneOnNDP

    Formatting SD Card in P4P Sorta Nukes Card

    Hi P4P fliers! I noticed that when I format the micro SD card in the bird it seems to sorta nuke the card since it not only clears the files (which of course you want), but also resets the card name and makes it so that some of my card readers don't work with it (I assume because they don't see...
  3. SteveMLexington

    Micro-SD Card recommendations

    Does DJI recommend particular cards for the P4P? I have SanDisk cards that are rated up to 90mb/sec, but I am wondering if that is fast enough for the 4K stream that the new unit can capture. Any feedback? Thanks.
  4. O

    Best MicroSD

    Hi, I'm looking at getting another microSD for my Phantom 3 4k. I'm just not sure the differences between microSDHX or microSDXC or whatever. Looking for 16gb-64gb.
  5. Redevil75

    Micro SD cardslot prob...

    Hia! Anyone else having problem with Phantom 4 Micro SD cardholder? Today I took long videos and after landing and getting my battery to chill before starting it to charge again I took my card from P4. Transferred videos to my computer and then I was going to put card back to P4 but the...