Looking for Source for 3D Lighting mounts

Apr 4, 2017
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ON, Canada
I’m looking for a source for 3D printable Lumecube compatible lighting mounts for my P3S. I don’t have a 3D printer but if I can find the 3D files, I can get them printed. I’m not looking for strobe mounts, just mounts I can attach Lumecube compatible lights to, to use for light painting.

I have looked at the mounts made by Lumecube and although they are reasonably priced, their flat rate shipping is too high and I would likely get dinged with duty and brokerage fees making the price just for the mounts not worth it.

Try it there: amazon and search for lume cube mount.
Thanks for your reply. I have already tried Amazon and they don’t sell the ones needed for the P3S.
I found some made by Polar Pro and have ordered them. They are the mounts plus the lights for less than the cost of just the mounts for the P3S. They should arrive this week.

P3S or P3A or P3P dont have any difference on landing gears mechanical. I had a look for polar pro too and they look stable too.
P3S or P3A or P3P dont have any difference on landing gears mechanical. I had a look for polar pro too and they look stable too.
There is a difference in the landing gear between the P3S and the P3A/P3P. LumeCube sells a different mount for the P3S. The mounts for the P3A/P3P don't fit the P3S.

I have been using the Polar Pro lights and they work well. They clip on to the legs of my P3S. Just have to make sure they are on good as one came off and was dangling yesterday when I flew. They are bright and its easy to tell the orientation of my P3S. There is two settings - solid or blinking. You cannot change the colour but I'm sure if you got a piece of coloured plastic you could tape it to the lights to change the colour. I use them for light painting so I am not flying out that far with them. Had my P3S out to 177m yesterday and could still see them very well.

After keeping an eye out on eBay for the original Lumecube mounts for the Phantom 3 Standard without any luck, I finally found a company that makes compatible mounts that hold the cube style lights made by Lumecube and others that have a standard 1/4 inch tripod socket. The company - Litra - makes their own cube light that competes with Lumecube. They have one version of drone leg mounts that fit all P3, P4, and Autel X-Star drones. The ones I got were well made and very reasonably priced - I ordered them from B&H. Here is the link to the Litra Drone Leg Mounts.

I also got myself a pair of Ulanzi cube lights which are a fraction of the cost of Lumecube or Litra cube lights. I use the cube lights and the included gels to do light painting with my P3S. Did some test flights in daylight yesterday and at night and the mounts and lights work perfectly. The only difference I notice is a decrease in battery life of about 2 minutes due to the added weight of the lights.

Very pleased with this find after looking for a good system to mount cube lights to my P3S for such a long time.



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Here’s a sort of Christmasy shot taken with the new light mounts this past October.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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@Chrislaf thank you so much for posting this! I've been trying to find replacement arms for my Lume Cube lights and your post saved the day. I was able to find the Litra mounts on B & H and am sure they will fit my P4PV2.0.
How have you liked the Ulanzi cube lights? Do they have a strobe feature at all?
Thanks again!
Glad my post a while back was helpful. I do like the Ulanzi lights - they have 3 brightness settings but no strobe feature. What I like about them is that they do the job at a fraction of the cost of Lume Cube lights and all of my light painting has been over a lake often in the spring and fall so if the drone were to go down I wouldn't loose a ton of money. I do wish the battery in them lasted a bit longer.

I haven't been doing much light painting since I originally posted this because the software I used, Dronelink, was limited in what I could do and now my iPhone is too old to use with it reliably. I have now been exploring Litchi Mission Utilities and am excited about the possibilities. I have created a number of Light Painting missions to run with my P3S but am just waiting for the weather to cooperate to go try them out. The lake I usually fly my light painting missions over has just recently frozen over so I am waiting for the ice to get a little thicker just in case I have to go retrieve my drone.

Good luck with your new mounts. I love mine.

@Chrislaf thank you for the info. I got my Litra mounts in the mail and they should do the trick nicely. Now I'm either going to get some Lume Cube 2.0s or possibly the Ulanzis. Best of luck with the light painting! Your shot above is great!
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