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Jan 3, 2015
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Hi everyone, I have been enjoying reading all the questions and answers from everyone about the new P3 so thought id better think of something to ask too and get involved a bit more. So my question is how does the live streaming actually work, for instance.....I have quite a big bonfire and charity event happening near me in a few months time and have been thinking it would be quite a good idea to film it and now I am thinking of doing it live so maybe people who cant get out to watch it for various reasons could still see it or even watch it from another country. So I am wondering do you need some sort of WIFI set up or 3G for the Phantom 3? Hopefully I will be using the ipad Air Mini 2 but cant get my head around how it works. Thanks Ian
I don't think anyone who can speak publicly about it actually knows for sure.

We can make educated guesses, though:
Right now, there's one solid solution for live-streaming on your iOS phone/tablet, and that's Shou. You can try it out by visiting on your iOS device (you'll get nothing if you try from a computer, etc) and installing the app.

This app records your screen and pushes it to their platform, which is then broadcasted. There's about a 15 second delay when you're watching live streams. A lot of people use it for streaming out games, so if you go to, you can watch other people who are using the app.

When using this with the P2, because you're already using the WiFi connection, you will have to use cell data (3G/LTE .. one reason for the 15 second delay).

Now, because the P3 (and Inspire, as I assume this functionality will be available for it) does not use your device's WiFi, I don't see why you couldn't stream it out of a WiFi internet connection, if available. And if not, I'd be shocked if it did not also support cell data transport.

Also, because it's pushing to YouTube, and only rebroadcasting the LightBridge preview rather than tasking the device to broadcast the entire screen (i.e. the YouTube streaming only works within the Pilot app), I would put money on the stream having a bit less latency, if that's important to you.

The one detail I'm greatly interested in is audio. Shou will add audio to the stream via your device's microphone - so if you're flying using the Vision app, you can talk 'to the camera', as it were. With the YouTube streaming on the Pilot app, I'm hoping they incorporate the same.
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