Live Streaming Android App SkyTubeLive--Looking for beta users

Jun 13, 2016
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Hi all,

SkyTubeLive provides a mobile android app that enables pilots to easily live stream videos, and a web platform where viewers can find and watch currently available aerial videos, conveniently displayed on a map-based interface (SkyTubeLive). We are looking for pilot beta users of the app, and have some cool swag (stickers and hats-- available for anyone who does. If you're interested, let me know, or drop us a line via our webpage.

It's pretty cold this week in Central New York state where we are located, but we've done a few flights this week:
SkyTubeLive Flight
SkyTubeLive Flight
These are shown live as they happened and were broadcast to our site, no editing, enhancements, etc.

I recently wrote a blog post in response to a pilot who asked "what's in it for me?":
"Let me give you an outline of our vision. We started with the idea that you should be able to open an app on your phone and see live aerial video of anywhere you want to see, whether that means your morning commute, some event you're headed for downtown, or just anywhere that strikes your fancy--say the beach in Hawaii on a cold January night in Rochester. Picture Google Maps, but with live video instead of years old satellite imagery. We figured that in a decade you'll be able to do this via Google and/or Facebook, but realized that there are already a million drones out there that could be harnessed into a distributed network to provide this capability right now. So we started SkyTubeLive to turn it into reality." Read the whole thing at SkyTubeLive Blog - SkyTubeLive! - What's in it for me?

Thanks for your time, and Happy Flying everyone!


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