1. T

    Urgent help. APP DJI disconnected

    Goodnight. I don't know if it is allowed here, but I WILL QUOTE A PROBLEM I am having with my ADVANCED Phantom 4. Without any previous problem, my Phantom 4 ADVANCED does not turn on the DJI GO 4 APP or the LITCH (original). The Control is connected to the DRONE, executes all commands, turns...
  2. P

    DJI Go app versions list

    Hi all, I have P3A, but I thing is for all owners - after hours of reading and figuring out , how things works about P3 (AC,RC,FW,hacks ), but I have problem with info about DJI Go application versions - what version for what is good, moded, or stock. For ex. : for fly controller hacks need...
  3. ?

    "Connection to phantom failed", but...

    Hello, My P2V+ [V3 model] is giving me grief. :-( The RE (Range Extender) successfully connects to my phone (iPhone 5) and seems to stay connected now. But... the RE seems to be having issues connecting to the quad. The app shows the green dot and the correct SSID of the phantom network from...
  4. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  5. T

    App for calculating Bearing and Distance?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a free IOS app that will show bearing and distance from a given airport designation to your GPS location? I have B4UFLY of course as well as AirNAV FBO for airport lookups. Seems like there would be an app somewhere that would show your location and give a...
  6. New Phantom Owner

    Airmap Autonomous Flight & DJI Connect: Flight Plan Options

    So I now consistantly achieve at least a solid mile range in most conditions with my current mods on my P3S. Working on my Cinematography and flight/shooting techniques, a desire for use of a certain feature has come about. I am seeking information regarding successful autonomous flights...
  7. D

    Why use dangerous Litchi app?!?

    I know, everyone is going to hate me for this, but I have a simple question. Why put the controls of your expensive investment in the hands of a third-party app called litchi with so many horror stories? DJI GO has its problems, but litchi seems to cause many fatal crashes. Everyone I know who...
  8. smackc4

    Today's DJIGO app certainly LIMITED my range!!

    As expected; Today's DJIGO app certainly LIMITED my range!! What a load of rubbish :mad::(
  9. D


    So today its my birthday . I thought I might treat myself to the Litchi app for my P3S. However seems to be some negative reviews about it , so just wondering about it ,and would appreciate any recent opinions on the latest releases of the app .( good/bad points)
  10. Jack Ley

    FPV Camera??

    Over the last 5yrs or so I have had the P2, P3P and the P4, I sold each one to move to the next. About a year and a half ago my P4 literally fell out of the sky at 200ft while doing a waypoint mission through FPV Camera. To this day I don't know if it was that app or the fact I needed a...
  11. Billmh12

    P4Pro DJI GO4 App crashing after update on my I-Pad

    So I was getting ready to fly and my DJI GO4 app was acting weird, it kept closing before I could take off. I was running some diagnostics. Then I noticed it was just updating on its own, on the ipad. I waited, shut everything down and rebooted and restarted. Then I had to do the test. I opted...
  12. I

    The New PolarPro app is awesome

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
  13. Newt59

    What Now?...

    So I went to fly today for the first time since Monday. Here at the ranch. And I was forced to sign into my DJI account before I could fly. I haven't updated anything, unless the app updated on its own. The normal flight screen shows for a second and then it is a promo screen talking up the...
  14. j.razz1

    Can't find an app for that...

    Pertinent Information: I have an Android Ecosystem I have a Phantom 4 Pro (and a Pro+) I also own an iPod touch that won't update to the current iOS (I have it just for calibrating the Ronin) I am not looking for Drone Deploy, Pix4D, PrecisionFlight, etc. What I am looking for is if there is an...
  15. C

    Looking for a copy of DJI GO 4.0.8 for IOS

    Howdy all. Long time reader, first time poster. Does anyone have a copy of DJI GO 4.0.8 IOS (IPA file) that they could share with me? Looking to get a new iPhone but not too keen on downloading the latest app version after reading about all the troubles. Cheers.
  16. tml4191

    3DR's New Site Scan App for DJI Drones

    If you are into aerial mapping, then check out 3DR's Site Scan app for your DJI Drone. DJI and 3DR Team Up to Launch Enterprise Drone Platform - WeTalkUAV
  17. chrismorace

    Last Day! Don't miss out

    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Try Dragonfly in July promotion ends today, July 31st! It costs nothing to install the app and create an account, and there are some great reasons why it is worth 5 minutes of your time! :) You can get the app here or by searching "dragonfly drone video" on...
  18. L

    Exporting My flight records so i can renew licence.

    how do i get my flight records of the dji app so i can send them via email to the CAA for my licence renewal.... please help
  19. chrismorace

    Check out Try Dragonfly in July and Win Free Spark, Mavic, & Goggles!

    Hi Phantom Pilots, I just wanted to let you know about a new app that has launched that makes managing and enjoying drone video simple. It's called Dragonfly and you can download it here: Dragonfly During the month of July there is a chance to win a DJI Spark just by creating an account. (No...
  20. T

    Orbital Video(360°) Apps

    Hello, What is everyone using to fly orbital flights around POI? I would like to find an app where i can mark the centre of the radius point by pressing a button rather than tapping a point on the map. Mapping can be out ± 30m at times and therefore useless to rely on background mapping...