1. dreweydrew

    Stream live using the DJI app to 'VerHub'. Amazing

    Hi 'ADO IT' have just released the IOS streemin app and the streemin website. Both allow streaming to, and viewing of, LIVE streams to VerHub, our database of LIVE streams. We have added an amazing facility to stream live from your DJI drone direct to VerHub. Free and really easy to set up...
  2. B

    Confused on Adv/Pro Facebook/youtube live (And live video stream for that matter)

    I am VERY lost as to what options are available concerning live streaming to YT/Facebook from a phantom. One website said you can do it with both Advanced & Professional Phantom 3 as long as you use IOS. Another website said Android will work too, while other said it was only with Professional...
  3. H

    live video editing from dji phantom 4

    Hi. I need to record the footage from my DJI phantom 4 live in to a macbook pro retina 15 inch to make a live video edition during the flight. If any one have an idea of how to do it it will be really helpful. thank you very much for your help!
  4. B

    San Antonio Sunset, as broadcast live, with musical accompaniment

    Hi all, A brief vid as live streamed at sunset last week in steamy San Antonio, TX. The music was added to the stream live in real time, ha ha. SkyTubeLive Flight Anyone can live stream your own flights with this capability, plus more features to come. Happy flying, y'all. Brian
  5. J


  6. B

    Live Aerial Traffic Cam, Syracuse, NY, April 3, 2017

    Here is a brief video taken near downtown Syracuse this morning, April 3, 2017, as broadcast live on SkyTubeLive. SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks, Brian
  7. B

    Syracuse, NY

    Hi all, It was a glorious day for flying in Syracuse, NY, this morning. Here you can see some video as live streamed to our site: SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks! Brian Free hats for pilots who live stream with our app! Instagram post by Brian...
  8. B

    brief flight in Central NY

    Before the big snowstorm last week, I did a brief flight at Oneida Lake. It was really windy, and the drone was getting blown back away from the lake, so I didn't fly too long, plus brrrr it was cold. No editing, video shown exactly as live streamed. SkyTubeLive Flight Brian...
  9. B

    Live Streaming Android App SkyTubeLive--Looking for beta users

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive provides a mobile android app that enables pilots to easily live stream videos, and a web platform where viewers can find and watch currently available aerial videos, conveniently displayed on a map-based interface (SkyTubeLive). We are looking for pilot beta users of the...
  10. T

    DJI live event now !

    The DJI new product release for the Mavic is on in 1 hour as off posting this. Here is the link to the live stream : Enjoy
  11. Zcholla

    Youtube Live streaming. Phantom 3 Standard. HOW???

    I am trying desperately to get the youtube live streaming to work on my P3S. I know I am connected to the Wifi the phantom itself but can't then transmit to Youtube with Cellular data. Does anyone out there know of how to do this with the Phantom 3 Standard. When I go to youtube live streaming...
  12. L

    Cannot view video on my app

    I had crashed my drone, after picking it up it had no physical damage except the gimbal came off and was unplugged. Put all that back on plugged everything up and the drone will start, will fly, and will take pictures and video in flight but I just cannot see the live video on my screen. I...
  13. Drestin Black

    FB Live vs YouTube Live

    I've used the FB Live feature several times and it's SO cool concept. I click a few keys and according to what I'm told on the DJI Go app I'm streaming away perfectly. I have a solid LTE signal and plenty of bandwidth and CPU performance; yet my viewers (confirmed myself with an iPhone 5...