Is it worth to buy a p4 pro instead a p4 regular paying US700 more?

I wouldn't buy an expensive P4 or P4P if only interested in flying for fun and making some videos. Have you considered buying a less expensive Mavic Air-2 or Mavic Mini?
Buying one at those outrageous prices, yeah, I agree. I looked around and found a nearly new (3 months) P4P V2 with 2 extra sets of props and never used DJI Goggles (Racing Edition) all for $900. Seller had the original bill of sale and everything still works perfectly. Point is, deals are out there but you have to look for them.
Ok. This may be a dead subject now but I want to make my reply anyway. Buy the best, that P4v2. You say now you just want to fly for fun and whatever. I’ll tell you what happens next, you buy low level to save a few bucks, then you get hooked, then you’re into the cycle of selling to buy better. So buy the best now. You will be glad you did.
I agree. Buy the best that you can find and afford. I've never been happy buying a cheapo anything. And, when I wanted to get a better one, I couldn't give my POS away.
Seems that some people here can't understand that the persons only chance is to buy the stuff for that crazy high price.
He put very clear question - P4P for $2000 or P4s for $1300, period!
I think that he chose that those $700 extra worth this. Otherwise he won't do it.
Wish you nice flying and nice pictures/videos.
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