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Increasing flight time?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phantom556, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Phantom556

    Nov 25, 2013
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    I'm looking at increasing my flight time with my Phantom. My current setup is a stock phantom with gopro hero3 black mounted in water proof housing for protection. I am using OEM 2200MAH LiPo Batteries as well. I get around 7-9 minutes of flight time before I begin seeing the flashing red light indicating to me to land. What can I do to increase the amount of time?

    My thoughts are:
    Change Props to Vision 2 Props
    Change voltage protection to lower threshold based on studying battery mah amount recharged after a flight (Requires me to check how much mah the battery needs for a charge after usage, my hitec charger tells me how much it puts in)
    Reduce weight by purchasing a gopro hero3+ casing that is smaller and lighter
    Buy two battery mount and fly in dual battery setup

    The scary thing is this past weekend my phantom flashed red lights to me while I was flying it over water at around the 6:30 mark and as I returned it back to me it had just made it over land before it lost alltitude and "crash" landed on grass. No harm was actually done to the craft however I expected the battery to last on the order of 8-9 minutes. I suspect the heavier wind and fact that I had charged the batteries a few days prior is the reason that battery lasted less time than expected. I also suspect the voltage indicators are activating too earlier while there is still more capacity in the battery. Any advice on this potential situation? Thanks!
  2. rotorhead42

    Oct 19, 2013
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  3. Peter Patricelli

    Sep 11, 2013
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    Eugene, OR USA
    1) figure each gram of added weight = 1 second of lost flight time. Carefully compare each addition/gadget for weight compared to alternatives or whether really needed. Do you NEED your waterproof case? The way you are going about it might indicate yes...except it might cost you the submerged Phantom...but your camera will be dry....if you get it back at all. Most fly without....but with greater caution AND experience re: battery times. The H3+ WITHOUT the case weighs the same as the H3...it is the CASE that is lighter. If you must have the case...get an H3+ CASE ONLY.
    2) upgrade motors....Tiger T's will give minimum 10% greater lift versus Ma energy consumed. And maybe even better with the bigger props.
    3) upgrade peopellers...to 9" triblades (do search here) or 9" CF or new vision props.
    4) CAREFULLY calibrate your batteries inputs and outputs, beginning and ending voltages, and recalibrate yourt flight controller through Assistant, if needed, but study carefully and proceed ONLY with solid advice .
    5)....DO NOT fly over water or deep canyons UNTIL you have solid and comprehensive experience and understanding of what YOUR final setup, weight, motors, props, and batteries....will give you in terms of flying times. Or learn the hard way why I say that.
    6) bigger batteries can help but at a price. I would not go beyond 2700 Ma with an otherwise loaded bird.
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