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Important Notice for Inspire 1 Owners

Discussion in 'Other DJI Drones' started by DJI Innovations, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. DJI Innovations

    May 8, 2014
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    Required Update

    A required update is now available for your DJI Inspire 1. This update will fix an issue that some users may experience with the attitude drift and includes other important updates. Please download the firmware package from the official DJI website and update your aircraft’s firmware immediately.

    If you have not yet flown your Inspire 1, please download and update the firmware before your first flight.

    You will also receive a notification on the DJI Pilot app warning you to update immediately if using the current version (v1.0.0.1).

    Download Now http://www.dji.com/product/inspire-1/download

    If you are unable to takeoff after updating, perform an Advanced IMU Calibration. This is found in the DJI Pilot app under MC Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Sensors -> Calibrate -> Advanced.

    If you have questions regarding this update or any other concerns about your Inspire 1, please contact us at Inspire1@dji.com.

    Propeller Locks

    The Inspire 1’s propellers may come off during flight if they are not correctly hand tightened and environmental factors (including sand, heavy dust, or high winds) cause the motors slow down suddenly. To prevent this, DJI is offering free Propeller Locks to all Inspire 1 customers.

    If you ordered your Inspire 1 from the DJI Online Store, they will automatically be shipped to you. If you purchased your Inspire 1 at an authorized DJI dealer, you can collect them there. These Propeller Locks will become available next week, and DJI recommends that you do not attempt flying your Inspire 1 before receiving and attaching the Propeller Locks.

    Contact Support http://www.dji.com/info/news/24-hour-te ... -inspire-1
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