How to Update Tx-Power with Magic Power v5.0

Jul 13, 2016
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Edit: For Magic Power v5.x please look at post #3

Sorry I created new thread to answer many questions about application windows DJIUpdate.exe, this app used to raise Tx-Power 2.4 GHz up to 27 dBm.

With new mod 2.4Ghz then video/live streaming so the better, minimize lag and unexpected effects became more far-reaching.
The application works with inject script ( into the device and then run in


SS02.png SS03.png

Additional features (DJIUpdate v3.6):
  1. Unlock channel 13
  2. Automatic Channel Scan (13-1)
  3. Change Channel Manually (1-13)
  4. Limit 20dBm (for user signal booster / amp).
  5. Revert Back to CE (restore to default / Stock)
  6. FCC Mode (20 dBm)
  7. Tx-Power selection from 20 dBm up to 27 dBm
Working with firmware:


  • 1.4.6
  • 1.5.7 (recommended)
  • 1.6.8 (please downgrade to 1.5.7 or upgrade to 1.7.90)
  • 1.7.8x
  • 1.7.90
  • 1.8.10
  • 1.5.4
How to Update:

Change Channel Manually:

Download Application

** Specifically for the Phantom 3 Standard / 4K **

Technical discussions about how the mod please ask to existing topics: Phantom 3 Standard range mod , let's do it together...

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Many thank to bigenius for this FAQ:

Since there are many posts asking the same thing I wrote a small FAQ. Please correct me if there are any misunderstandings.
@PapaTita , feel free to put it in one of your opening posts, then we can all help you out to point any questions to that post :)

  1. Will this mod increase the controller range (5.8Ghz)?
    No. This mod will only increase the video stream range (2.4GHz).

  2. Do I need to downgrade (revert to stock/revert to CE) before I upgrade from 3.x/4.x/5.0 to 5.1?

  3. What's the difference between 5.0 and 5.1?
    5.1 gives smoother video at longer range.

  4. Will I get longer range with 5.1 compared to 5.0?
    No, see question 3.

  5. I'm getting "Access violation" error when I run the program.
    Disable Windows Firewall, Antivirus, or any other firewall or security software. Start the program by right-click and "Run as Administrator".

  6. Sometimes the program will not tell me to proceed to Step 2.
    It will only proceed to Step 2 when necessary.

  7. Is this mod changing the rcS file?
    No. Changing the rcS is dangerous and may potentially brick your RC/AC, even a minor typo in this file may turn it into garbage. The file changed by this mod,, is called from the rcS and even if something goes wrong in, the rcS continues to run and you won't brick anything.
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I have a new version with the name Magic Power v5.0.

Edit: I fix again the script, there are some data that is corrected to be great live streaming and quick respon on blank the screen so in version 5 is no longer talking about dBm

The big differences from version 3.x is patch in RC and Drone will be active in case of missing signal from RC (boosting to 27 dBm), by this way both RC and Drone no need too high Tx-Power (Default 24 dBm).

Magic Power v5.3:


Other features:

Change Channel via telnet / mobile: -ch nn [save] ##nn number of channel [1-13] -ch 15 ##activate scan channel -ch 0 ##default mode/disabled scan channel -ch 13 save ##activate permanent channel 13
Change Tx-Power via telnet / mobile: -dbm nn00 ##nn tx-power number, eq: 1700 for 17 dBm -dbm 2000 ##set tx-power to 20 dBm -dbm 2700 ##set tx-power to 27 dBm
With or Without Booster: -booster 0 ##set to default -booster N ##set to default -booster 1 ##set RC Tx-Power limit to 20 dBm -booster Y ##set RC Tx-Power limit to 20 dBm
Reset to Default Settings (v5.3+): -reset


For detail please follow the instructions in this video:

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Hi Papa Tita, I can patch 1.6.8 fine but your program doesn't work for 1.7.0084. On STEP 1 it will say RC ready and Aircraft ready and stuck there forever.
Is there any test I can do for you on this version? I won't downgrade back to 1.6.8 and can't downgrade the on 1.5.7

Current issues update:
1. After STEP 1 no response from the application:
- You are not turn on its drone.
- Turn off the antivirus, windows firewall, lower Windows security.

2. After STEP 2 no response from the application or an error occurs:
- You are not restart the controller and drone.
- Your laptop is not connected to the wifi from the controller
- you are too fast running STEP 2 when the connection to the wifi is happening.

3. The channel scan option makes the controller a continuous colored red or green and red and wifi off:
- Turn off the devices, turn on the controller only (drone off), connect to wifi, run the application and choose "Revert Back to CE"

4. What to do if an error occurs at the STEP 1 or 2?
- Run the update process again from STEP 1
I received 'cannot telnet to RC' after step one, so I ran through it again without rebooting it his time and step two sailed through.

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Step 1 complete.
Step 2 failed.
Step 1 complete again
Step 2 competed

That's how I got it to work

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step 1 add telnet command, then telnet test performed at step 2. therefore after step 1 should be restart.

Step 2 fail, maybe you are too fast running step 2 when connection to wifi is happening.

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I am thinking to do that mod but can anyone explein to me what those optional is:
Unlock channel 13
Automatic Channel Scan (13-1)
Unlock channel 13:
Permanent use of channel 13.

Scan channel 13-1:
Scans for an empty channel starting at channel 13, ending at 1. Scanned channel depends on the local wifi usage.
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Witch channel it use if i wont chose any?
I did the mod, but it wont stay 27db.
After homepoint record it is 17db.
Indeed dji-go after homepoint drop to 17 dbm but the script do the loop every 10s to raise to 27 dbm.
Can you try again to check with iwinfo every 10s?

** Assuming you've been through step 2 with success.
I can also confirm that 27 dBm stays put with FW 1.6.80 between restarts and DJI Go app GPS lock (in CE territory) and Home Point recorded. [emoji2] Very good job.

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