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Jul 13, 2016
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    1. noahs spark
      noahs spark
      Hi PapaTita!
      I have a question. Since you are the developer of the magic mod for the P3 would you think it is possible to make the same for the DJI Spark? I am in a CE country so my Tx-power is throttled to a very low 14 dBm instead of the FCC 27 dBm. I hope you can make the tweak compatible with the spark! Thanks in advance!
    2. Mushphantom
      I have done the magic mod. How do I no if it's worked. Is there anyway 2 check.
    3. 00kingi
      Hello, I was looking at the magic mod for my p3, can I do it with all the latest firmware or do I need to go back? All being well I will do it soon and make a donation. I live in the U.K. So are there any further recommendations? Thanks
      1. PapaTita
        work on the latest firmware
        Mar 5, 2017
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      2. 00kingi
        All done, no errors. Thanks I'll make a donation very soon
        Mar 6, 2017
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    4. p3sp3s
      Hello Papa Tita In my P3S your program helped, am very satisfied, but 1000m is too little, the P3P wants to buy and it would be great, then the FCC mode with your help to activate. How can I increase the power of P3A or P3P TX (FCC) Can you do this?
    5. Oakley33
      Hello PapaTita! I had to get a hold of you as I am having trouble downloading the magic mod 5. I have a P3S. Followed the youtube, but noticed after i hit step one and it went through the program, i hit the "ok" button and then restarted. Then tried to proceed to step two, and it keeps telling me "cant telnet to RC" ??? also, do i need to change it to US as I am in the US? awaiting your response!!! Thanks!
      1. Oakley33
        also, all of my firewall is disabled.
        Feb 15, 2017
    6. samsut tabris
      samsut tabris
      pa aku habis upgrade software , lewat ftp, kook gimbal ku sekarang mati ya pa??
      1. PapaTita
        habis update firmware pakai cara bagaimana?
        Jan 9, 2017
    7. BoySKR
      di FW 1.6.80 pake telnet di android kok g bisa konek? selalu refused.. mau downgrade masi bingung,. takut gagal juga. pendtng bru..:)
    8. Tirex
      The problem was in the 13th channel on 1.7.9 If you choose to scan from 1 to 13th channel, and just when selecting the 13th channel, FCC mod US does not work. Those. if postavat REG = "US", it is impossible to put any tick about the 13th channel. Decided problems scan13.sh file, set the value of 11, and it worked.
    9. Tirex
      Hello. And why you have chosen the BO region, and not US. In the US, the power is more than 5.8, according to the logs. And why at 2.4 Gz, 27 dBm? Instead of 33 dBm for example? Maybe in the program can choose the region or to make this value is not BO, and the US? Thank you
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      2. Tirex
        If you turn on the console, the drone immediately and try to connect by Wifi to the console, the connection is lost. I got to change the region to telnet only, but still a master region Japan hangs. Maybe you can tweak your program?
        Nov 22, 2016
      3. Tirex
        / # iw reg get
        country BO: DFS-JP
        (2402 - 2482 @ 40), (N/A, 30), (N/A)
        (5735 - 5835 @ 80), (N/A, 30), (N/A)
        / # iw reg set US
        / # iw reg get
        country US: DFS-FCC
        (2402 - 2472 @ 40), (N/A, 30), (N/A)
        (5170 - 5250 @ 80), (N/A, 17), (N/A)
        (5250 - 5330 @ 80), (N/A, 23), (0 ms), DFS
        (5735 - 5835 @ 80), (N/A, 30), (N/A)
        (57240 - 63720 @ 2160), (N/A, 40), (N/A)
        Nov 22, 2016
      4. Tirex
        / # tail -f /var/log/messages
        Sep 23 11:14:15 (none) kern.info kernel: [ 1084.660000] cfg80211: DFS Master region: JP
        Sep 23 11:14:15 (none) kern.info kernel: [ 1084.670000] cfg80211: (start_freq - end_freq @ bandwidth), (max_antenna_gain, max_eirp), (dfs_cac_time)
        Nov 22, 2016
    10. Belleindr
      Hi PapaTita, i have recently bought phantom 3 standard and i want to increase the range of controller. the program that you post is secure? someone has never found problems.
      Thanks in advance
      1. PapaTita
        Hi Bellieindr.

        This program is more safe than you manual edits to the file system in P3S like Ojcze Nasz did.
        Sep 13, 2016
    11. The_One_
      Thanks in advance for windows mod app work!!!

      I have one question, do you mod to 20dbm or 27dbm?

      Do you know what happened with ozje?

      I emailed him but without response...

      Once again, great work!!
      1. PapaTita
        Not always be at 27dBm, sometimes at 24 or 20 dbm to ensure the app runs well.

        Ozje? i don't know, might be busy.
        Sep 7, 2016
    12. IWILZ
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