HELP! Can't open my phantom 2!

Apr 30, 2015
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Hey Guys,

I am about to solder my Tx (ImmersionRC 600mW), but before that, I wanted to hide the interference board for H3-3D inside the shell.

I have tried to unscrew the small phillips screw at the end of each arm, and I know that the WIHA 00-40mm works best, but I don't have it, so I bought a no-name 00-40mm.. and the screws were either really tight, or the noname screwdriver wasn't the right fit, but I have stripped the screws (not all the way, but they are not how they were before)... I have two choices, wait for the WIHA to come by mail, and try it.. not sure if it will unscrew the damaged screws.. or try and remove them by either drilling, or using some special tool (will destroy the screw though).. I'm afraid to do this, since I don't want to damage the plastic threading of the shell, and I don't know how the thread hole looks.. and how deep I can drill...

My other question is, if I just place the interference board on the outside beside the Tx, will this create any interference between the Tx and the board?? (i don't have the osdmini)

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

The interference that the board is filtering is on the power line. Inside or outside can't make any difference at all. The screws are secured with Locktite blue and after a few months, they get incredibly difficult to remove.

You can use a drill to remove the head, then when you have the shell apart you can use pliers to remove the screw. Or not. I never replaced those screws on my Phantom and have flown many hours without them.
Thanks Steve! Do you think its worth it for me to put it inside? it is a cleaner install to me... how thick is the shaft of the screw? I don't want to drill and touch the plastic thread inside.. I will re-order the screws and put new ones in after I destroy these :)...
The shafts on them are 2mm You also would have to go in real deep before hitting the threads they screw in to. As they are all the way on the top half of the shell. Ive also found that even with the right screw driver them screws can be a bit tricky to get out inless you are pushing down real hard while turning the driver so it dont hop out of the hole when turning the first turn when trying to break the thread locker. Also when I have any that are real hard to get out a super tiny flat head screw driver some times seems to grip better then a Philips esp if the head is already messed up some already from trying to get them out with a Phillips.
thanks guys!

I ended up using a dremmel tool with a very THIN cutting wheel, and made a notch for a flat head.. came off like butter! And now just ordered new screws :)))

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