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Greetings from sunny Queensland!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Carl1770, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Carl1770

    Jul 1, 2016
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    An older newbe who inspite of an easy entry to the world of drones, (I was given both a Phantom 3 and a 2),
    is struggling after a promising start.
    I'd prefer not to discuss the Phantom 3 as it was last seen heading for NZ even tho the app assured me it was returning home. So it's gone, flown the nest so to speak, done and dusted.
    Which brings me to the problem I'm experiencing with the RPG on the 2.
    I'm new here so perhaps someone, (anyone) could guide me as to where to seek advice on this forum. Its a big forum and I don't want to waste people time by leaving details of the problem in the wrong area.

    All advice greatfully received!

  2. Meta4

    Meta4 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 8, 2014
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    G'day Carl ... welcome aboard.
    That's bad news on the P3.
    Losing a Phantom is bad enough, but worse when you don't understand why.
    It's always good to be able to at least learn from the experience to improve things for later.

    The P3 has a black-box in the app that saves flight records that can help in incident investigations.
    If you want to learn from the experience and be able to avoid similar occurrences go to http://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/Upload/
    Follow the instructions to upload your flight record.
    If you are using an Android phone or tablet, the flight records are in Internal Storage/DJI/dji.pilot/FlightRecord
    They are all txt files and the file name includes the date.
    Come back and post a link to the report it provides and someone here will probably be able to analyse it and give you an understanding of the cause of the incident.
  3. Carl1770

    Jul 1, 2016
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    Many thanks for your welcome. I remember tracking down the last waypoint on the app but it didn't help in locating the errant drone as the bird likely flew some distance after the waypoint was recorded I'm thinking.
    If indeed the flight record does exist somewhere, then it is completely inaccessible to all but an iTunes guru. I tried but iTunes wouldn't even admit to me having a dji app on my iphone far less extracting any information from it, so it will forever remain mystery I'm afraid. itunes is about as user friendly as a Russian tank manual and to be avoided at all costs if you value your sanity! So that leaves me with a Phantom 2 with a malfunctioning RPG gimble. I guess I'll have a rat through the archives here to see if I can gleen some info. Thanks again!
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