1. S

    Litchi Route Confirmed with VLM but Camera Angles Are All Wrong

    Using Litchi to program a route for my Mavic Pro and cannot figure out why the camera angles are incorrect. The gimble pitch is not low enough so when the drone flies near the target, the camera doesn't aim down far enough to see the target. The drone is flying to the correct waypoints and...
  2. T

    Can anyone help me with this? Camera tilts I when I gain altitude?

    hi guys, I flew my drone today, it was cold around 32F (0C) and I had been flying for around 5 mins, I did warm mothers up etc before hand. flight was going well, until I tried going high. I was probably at around 900ft which I know is too high before anyone comments. anyway I noticed my camera...
  3. DigitalSkyPilot

    P3A Camera and Gimble

  4. J

    Gimble Screw ID for P3 Advanced

    I recently replaced my Flex Ribbon and have misplaced a screw. Does anyone know this size or screw type for the one in the picture? Not sure what this part of the Gimble is called. Thank you so much for any help.
  5. M

    Help with new camera/gimbal rig

    So awhile back I crashed my Phantom 3 Pro and the gimbal rig essentially exploded. I bought a new rig and replaced it and the camera wouldn't stabilize correctly and was making a pretty terrible sound. So, I bought an entirely new camera/gimbal setup for the pro, and when I hook it up, the...
  6. Gpanek

    Gimble acting crazy after last firmware update

    I just did the most recent update to my P3A. version 1.11.0020 Went out to give it a try and the gimble looking at horizon is slanted, and when looking down its all jiggly. Also noted the graphics on the djigo app for the gimble to do not go all the way to the top ie; straight ahead. Any...
  7. T

    Pv330 camera tilt

    Recently purchased a used PV330. It was crashed by previous owner. Upon purchase everything was functional. During my first flight I misjudged the distance of a tree. The drone took a short fall and cracked an arm, battery dislodged, and camera disconnected. I fixed the shell, got it flying...
  8. J

    Gimble and Camera Repair

    Howdy, I crashed my P3 Advanced and now the gimble/camera doesn't work properly. when I turn it on the camera bobs around and never gets set right and when I connect to the app there is no image. How do I go about trouble shooting the issue? I've check out a lot of videos and they seem to...
  9. DigitalSkyPilot

    FOR SALE NEW P3 Advanced Camera and Gimble

    I have a new in the box P3 advanced camera and gimble. Shipped to you for $275. PayPal
  10. R

    Help please...gimble unresponsive, no crash

    I flew my p3 two days ago with no issues. Charged up today and went out but the gimble didnt move at startup. Came home and camera is lagging on powerup and gimble is still not responding at all.
  11. DigitalSkyPilot

    New Advanced Camera

    I ordered a Phantom 3 Standard HD Camera from Helipal but I received an Advanced version. I would like to sell it. Still in the box. It cost me $274.00 I'd let it go for $225 Free Shipping. Message me if interested. [email protected] Ron
  12. steveolondon

    Aircraft disconnected and no image transmission signal issue

    Hey everyone, so after many flight over the last few months i turn on my dji phantom 3 standard and it consistently says no image transmission signal issues followed by Aircraft disconnected and when i check the settings it says gimble disconnected, this is not true as the gamble is moving on...
  13. B

    Gimble cooling fan loose... Advice please?

    I'm flying a P3 Pro and noticed that the little cooling fan on top of the camera gimble has come loose. I feel like it should probably be reattached but am not sure how far to tear it apart or what screws to use. I've attached a couple images for reference. The drone still flies great and the...
  14. F

    Gimble problems

    My Phantom II Vision seems to be having gimble problems. The camera is tilted all the way down, and when I power the drone up it, sounds like it is trying to hyperextend down (the servo motor is still running). I turned the gimble off in the Assistant software so that it would not be damaged...
  15. Carl1770

    Greetings from sunny Queensland!

    An older newbe who inspite of an easy entry to the world of drones, (I was given both a Phantom 3 and a 2), is struggling after a promising start. I'd prefer not to discuss the Phantom 3 as it was last seen heading for NZ even tho the app assured me it was returning home. So it's gone, flown the...
  16. Sam Flynn

    Drone Crash Repair

    Hi there I just had a mishap with my P3S when it flew into branches and crashed to the ground. Long story short, the camera and camera mount are now detached from the drone and the wire and mount are severed. I've attached photos below. At this point, I've figured out that I need a new yaw arm...
  17. mirrorimage

    Broken beyond repair P3P camera? I want it.

    After months waiting on DJI over a flyaway, they finally sold me a replacement P3P. When it arrives I notice that the glass lens (not the UV filter) has blurry in about 50% of it. It's so blurry I don't even enjoy flying. DJI sent me an RMA for it, and wants me to return it to see about getting...
  18. D

    Gimble Mount Broken/ Camera pigtail and wires detached

    Careless flying resulted in the gimble mount breaking one of the four arms and pulling loose the camera pigtail and associated black and silver single-strand copper wires. I have ordered a new gimble mounting bracket. Has anyone else experienced this situation or have any tips on conducting the...
  19. Ankur Agarwal

    Need Help - Regarding DJI Repair Process

    Hello, I'm from India, had crashed by DJI Phantom 3 Pro, gimble took a hit. As per DJI support and Guide, have sent it to China, as guided in the support mail. On Nov 10, have received a confirmation from DJI support that they have received the gimble camera and repair in progress and they...
  20. T

    Gimble won't retain auto calibration on start up

    I installed new firmware last month and flew P3 with no problems. Downloaded new DJI Go app today for upgrade and upgraded new RC firmware. When I start the aircraft the gimble does not calibrate horizontal with the horizon. I recalibrated the IMU and auto calibrated the gimble after, but...