Good Experience with a NSW Parks Ranger

Dec 28, 2014
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Canberra Australia
Was out at Blue Waterholes on the weekend and a Ranger came up just as I had the quad sitting out getting satellite lock. He looked at it, asked about it, I told him I was planning some aerial photography of the campsite and the area, and asked him if that was ok. He said there had been some discussion as to what to do about them, but no decisions yet. I pointed out I wasn't going to be buzzing other people's campsites with it, just getting some shots of ours and the area, and he seemed to want to see it in action, so launched it and let him have a look at it in action for a bit, before he said "Have a great Easter" and wandered over to the other campsites while I was still flying it.
So I was able to get this
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I cant watch your clip at work as youtube is restricted. I bet its beautiful and tranquil.

I've flown in the Blue mountains before but in early mornings. Tempted to go out there for the sunset.

I hope NSW/Aus don't change their laws. Allow users to have common sense.
Till this day, I don't understand why the USA has restrictions on flying in the bush. Is it unsafe? Does it scare bears that happen to be sh*tting?
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