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FPV setup

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by Eltrochaphantom, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Eltrochaphantom

    Dec 29, 2014
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    hi i am going to buy fpv equipment. now it is a very difficult choice or at least for me to decide what equipment. im thinking of the classical:

    -IRC 600mw
    -BP 7ch
    -Fatshark spironet antennas.

    now im quite afraid since it is a lot of money and i want to get a good video. i have watched many videos and it is just so difficult to decide. i have seen another combo or setup which includes the :

    -Boscam 7inch
    -Storm 5.8ghz 500mw
    -Stock antennas.

    Actually this setup is from helipal. they claim that u get up to 1.6KM with this setup vs (of what i have seen in videos) the IRC between the range of 500m and 800m.

    also has anyone tried to put foil between the antennas to stop the interference.

    thank you. cheers
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