1. A

    DJI S900 + HDAir Gimbal + Flight Case & Accesories

    $3500 USD Located in Los Angeles, CA DJI S900 Drone A2 Controller Lightbridge 2 + 2x Ground Units (on controller and another for client monitor) HDair MR 360 Gimbal + Handheld Adapters Futaba T14SG Controller + charger iCharger 306B + power source Pelican Case for travel 2x Tattu 16000...
  2. ai_manny

    Hi, all! New S1000+ Pilot Trying to Fly for the First Time.

    My name is Manny, I'm a Geology PhD student at the University of Texas at Arlington just getting into drones. This is my first time being on a forum, so my apologies if I do it wrong, lol. It's good to meet everyone. I've been looking into doing research involving remote sensing on UAV...
  3. oxybubble

    new to s1000, lights do not corospond with manual

    I am new to the s1000 , however when I start up the craft the lights go through the start up ok then this purple/lilac colour is present. the craft starts ok but im not sending it aloft until im sure. any help would be great.
  4. D

    For Sale , DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom , F450, F550, S1000, Ronin, Tarot

    I am an active hobbyist and have accumulated a ton of stuff over the past 20 years. I am moving in the next month and had my brother in law create a website with all my stuff. i still have left a few phantoms which i can sell cheap, these are older ones but the Phantom 2 is nicely upgraded...
  5. M

    Dji S1000 - Octacopter Profissional

    Hi, i have a NEW Dji S1000 here, received from a debt and i want to sell it. PRICE in US DOLLARS : $1.500,00 Dji S1000 Octacopter Frame, Retractable Landing Gear and Motors.... all in the original BOX. Is this product: Spreading Wings S1000 - specially designed for high level professional...
  6. M

    Fly Over NFZ with permission

    Hi; I blocked phantom 4's gps signals and succeeded to fly on airport. But it sets to ATTI mode, and in ATTI mode, you cant fly over 50 meters. Is there any way to fly on NFZ? I have official permission. I have to finish this project in 3 months. But i cant find a way? What about industrial...
  7. Frank Kivo

    WTS: DJI S1000 Premium - STEAL OF A DEAL

    WTS my S1000 Premium; built and serviced by UAV Direct of Liberty Hill Texas. Below are all the components. This is basically a brand new build with about 2 hours MAX flight time. It's just too big and cumbersome to travel with. Looking to sell or trade for Inspire & Phantom 4. This is the...
  8. U

    RTF S1000 + A2 + Zenmuse GH4 + Spectrum all accessories, ppwk etc

    Hey Guys! Listing our S1000 that is in PRISTINE condition. Always boxed in hard case and always stored in our air conditioned office. Unit has less than 100 hours on it. we are asking $7,900 or best offer. All original boxes and paperwork is available to the new owner if requested :) see...