1. pcvph3p

    Help - Phantom 3 Pro controller board burned

    Hello good, I had a problem with the controller of my old PH3 since an overvoltage has left the plate unusable, so right now I can not do anything. :(:(:( Since I do not have a lot of money I thought that it was possible to use the Naza controller that I have in my F450. Does anyone know if...
  2. jeremiahburt23

    Traxxas power plugs okay for F450?

    Hi folks. I am actually hunting around on the internet for an answer to this, and thought I would try this forum. I've posted this in the "off topic" section but thought I would post it here as well since I cannot figure out how to delete my post in the other area. Many apologies... I just...
  3. K

    DJI F450 Prop Motor Threads

    Hello I have an F450 drone 2 of the motor shafts have a thread for the propeller to screw onto 2 just have shafts Is there a specific part for me to obtain to be able to screw the propellers onto the bare shafts ? thank you
  4. S


    Is naza mlite flight controller supports n1 osd??
  5. D

    For Sale , DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom , F450, F550, S1000, Ronin, Tarot

    I am an active hobbyist and have accumulated a ton of stuff over the past 20 years. I am moving in the next month and had my brother in law create a website with all my stuff. i still have left a few phantoms which i can sell cheap, these are older ones but the Phantom 2 is nicely upgraded...
  6. C

    Naza lite LED stays red and will not bind with DT7 radio

    I built a DJI F450 Flamewheel Drone with a Naza lite flight controller and want to fly it with the DT7 Radio that I use with my other quad, a P2. I got through the build just fine but after powering the F450, the Naza lite LED will only light up red and it stays red. Also, I can not bind it to...
  7. UNMND

    Tethered Flight

    Hi all, I'd love to share with you all a project we've been working on, it's a low cost tethered power system that can replace the battery on any small size quad or hex. We've been testing it on a DJI F450 and the F550 flamewheels so far and it should work on the Phantom 1 or 2 (not yet the 3...
  8. Mike2015

    Phantom 2 (v1) or F450

    Hi everyone, I am new to Drones and want some advice from experienced users on what to buy. I want to use the drone for aerial photography and have a budget of £400. I can get a second hand Phantom 2 fitted with a Zenmuse Gimbal for £399 ready to fly or do I get a self build F450 fitted with...