1. G

    Drone Harmony v0.8 released

    Dear Phantom-Pilots, we are happy to announce another update to the Drone Harmony - Professional Mission planner for DJI drones (Android only). Here is an overview on the new features (illustrated release notes at 1. New launch dialog with dynamic...
  2. I

    The DJI assistant doesn't work properly

    I have a P4 Advanced but for some reason when I download the Dji Assistant shows "Inspire" and doesn't let me choose Phantom. Where do I download the correct one, or how do I modify this one to use for the P4. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. J


  4. D

    Comprehensive DJI Battery Guide

    With the holiday season coming up, many of you may become new DJI owners. Whether it be the pocket-sized Spark or the well-equipped Phantom 4 Pro, they all run on the same thing: a battery. While they are intelligent batteries, they can’t do everything. The batteries can’t control how they are...
  5. M

    Community Engagement

    Hey guys! Just found this forum and got really excited to see so many people eager to meet and converse with one another about flying. I personally enjoy building and flying drones and particularly love taking out my phantom to fly. I'm in the cusp with my business of launching a new community...
  6. chapsrlz

    phantom 4 pro camera vs x5

    hi guys! currently i have a p3 pro, which ill keep for business because i do a lot of photography for developers, buildings, construction, etc and need no more than the p3pro quality. however i do love photography and want to do an upgrade but still dont know which camera is better, the x5 or...
  7. The Roach

    Good bye DJI

    I expect to use my $1500 drone at any time - don't you? It's a darn shame a company would rather lose a customer than offer an apology. This past weekend, July 1st, 2017, DJI had a large scale infrastructure and authentication problem. This impacted, at a minimum, owners of the P4P, P4A and...
  8. D

    For Sale , DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom , F450, F550, S1000, Ronin, Tarot

    I am an active hobbyist and have accumulated a ton of stuff over the past 20 years. I am moving in the next month and had my brother in law create a website with all my stuff. i still have left a few phantoms which i can sell cheap, these are older ones but the Phantom 2 is nicely upgraded...
  9. W


    Hello, I am currently looking to trade my inspire 1 v2 for a phantom 4 pro. My inspire 1 v2 is in like new condition. Please get back to me if you have any questions.
  10. B

    A New Datalink 3 Remote from DJI.

    A DJI remote on steriods. It is currently being tested for the Chinese market. Personally, I like the remotes that come with the P 4. However, you can't deny the extra addition to this remote.
  11. We Talk UAV

    How many of you on this forum use DJI Facebook Social Media Groups?

    This is Danny Batchelor, Community Manager of some of Facebook largest groups. Many professionals come together for information on various DJI products, issues as well as a place to showcase their work.
  12. Hammer

    Cool Forestry Equipment Demo | Feedback?

    Here is a short video that i edited of from a live demo forestry show that we were shooting. We had a live stream set up from our drone down to the booth where customers could watch the footage from the drone on Big screen tv. I always like to hear feedback from everyone here, so I you have...
  13. tml4191

    CES 2017:Check out this flying EGG quadcopter, fish finding drone, and is this a Inspire Contender?

    PowerVision: Drone Company That Made a Splash at CES 2017 - WeTalkUAV
  14. We Talk UAV

    DJI Inspire 2 X4S vs X5S ultimate in-depth camera comparison

    So, here is the deal. DJI comes out with the Inspire 2 which of course has two different cameras that you can purchase. Descriptions on the product don't always give the most accurate assessment which is why I was looking for a good camera comparitive video. On this video, both cameras X4S and...
  15. tml4191

    CES 2017 Pics: CrystalSky Prototypes ~ 2000 nit Monitors & The Red p4

    DJI’s CES 2017 Update: CrystalSky 2000 Nit Monitors and New Colors! - WeTalkUAV are some extra pictures:
  16. We Talk UAV

    Been Caught Cheating with the Inspire.

    It’s safe to say that when one of your favorite drones gets on television, you like to see how it is handled and how did it come across. Having been a big fan of the Inspire, I was both surprised and disappointed on how they handled this iconic bird. Yes, the Inspire is the Cadillac of drones...
  17. Brad

    Flight Plan for Phantom 3/4, Mavic, Inspire, M100 is free today.

    Hi Everyone, The new release of flight plan is being offered for free today: Flight Plan for DJI Phantom 3&4/Mavic/M100/Inspire on the App Store -Brad
  18. We Talk UAV

    Drone Pricing Strategy-Why DJI is so Expensive

    Anyone who pilots quads knows who DJI is and what they mean to this industry. So what about DJI drones pricing strategy? For those quad users, many have spent easily more than $1000 USD on this hobby. As 80% of the audience using RTF drones and DJI drones would advise anyone, they are not cheap...
  19. embayweather

    Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire

    As we are supposed to keep LOS with our drones, it would suggest that the bigger the drone the farther away it could be allowed to go. The question which this raises for me as I consider moving on from a P3P would be does the relative size of these units really make a lot of difference in the...
  20. B

    SkyTubeLive live streaming android app--looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive has developed an android app that lets you quickly and easily live stream to our site, with a convenient map based interface letting you easily find streams geographically instead of having to know someone's channel location, etc. We're looking for more beta testers to give...