Jan 1, 2016
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Northborough, MA
I had my first minor crash yesterday. I successfully flew two flights and captured some cool first time footage of my house and property. We came inside and my wife began laying down some sounds and editing the footage. I went back out side to fly so I could run down the last battery down 50%. I reinstalled the props and clipped on the prop guards, etc. Little did I know I put on of the props on the wrong motor. I took of the the prop flew off, the bird just flipped upside down. One of the prop guards broke and the props got chipped up a bit. I successfully flew after the crash with new props etc.

Is there anything I should look for on the P3P to make sure it is ok. The biggest question I have is that the gimble and P3P picked up a lot of fine sand and grit. I blew it off with canned air. However, I am concerned some of this stuff got in the motors and will cause friction etc. How can I best clean the P3P off and make sure every thing is ok.
Seems high, State Farm quoted me at $1.75 per $100 of coverage, so like $22.50 or something, I think it'll be $62 per year, once all said and done due to a $50 minimum contract or something like that, and what others are paying. This is for a $1462 P4 coverage (they don't get the $400 off the top I did as I won't get that discount again unless I buy another TV!) No deductible and will fall under Personal Asset Risk insurance.
Plus, I didn't see anything for a fly away, or stolen craft or controller, your insurance agent will fill you in, but mines covered for that and 1/6th the price.
Now that it's going to be covered, maybe I won't be such a wussy with it lol

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