1. M

    Cleaning Dirty Lense Phantom 4

    I recently cleaned out my prop motors and gimbal on my Phantom 4 because I was forced to land on a dirt path and it felt like there was dirt grinding around when I moved the gimbal up and down. I contacted a drone repair store and asked how to safely clean the gimbal. He suggested I rinse it...
  2. OOO

    How to clean ND filters?

    Hi I have several ND filters for my MP and P4P. I find it very hard to clean them thoroughly. What is the best way to clean these filters? Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!
  3. Dramface460

    Which cloth is best to use for phantom camera lens

    hey I have a few of these real thin and soft camera lens cloths and I have microfiber cloths. Should I stick with the thin camera lens cloths for cleaning or does it matter what I use? I have the vivid series polar pro lens' and want to make sure they are cleaned the correct way. Thansk ya all
  4. G

    First Minor Crash

    I had my first minor crash yesterday. I successfully flew two flights and captured some cool first time footage of my house and property. We came inside and my wife began laying down some sounds and editing the footage. I went back out side to fly so I could run down the last battery down 50%. I...