First Flights with a Windsurfer-WOW!

Jan 10, 2016
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Surrey, England
It was a beautiful day here in Surrey, England on a Friday - 10c, zero measurable wind and a cloudless blue sky. So, I decided it was worth a go at a couple of flights with the Windsurfer. Its one of the really cheap foldable units from Gearbest which was a couple of quid. I had to file out the bottom antenna holes to make them fit round them perfectly.
Well.... was I blown-away or what!? My best distance to date was 8,090' before it finally lost signal and went into RTH.
With the windsurfer, I got out to 9,517' and I still had 100% signal, but rather less in the way of balls to continue! I found it pretty easy to maintain alignment of the antenna to the AC using the compass in the GO app. I'm not really into achieving great distances per se, but what I'm going to find most useful is maintaining a really good signal and judging it on these first couple of flights, the windsurfer achieves this really well. Brilliant!
Everyone who attempts to use windsurfer appreciates its value. I have not seen anyone saying range reduces with windsurfer.

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Ys I also bought a cheap pair of foldable windsurfers, and also filed the slots to fit, and yes they gave me an improvemnt.
I only rarely fly long distance, and only then out over the sea,or the sands of the bay. I used to get poor signal warnings show up on the Healthy drone site, I later flew the identical mission out to sea around some rocks and perfect signal all the way.
As a bonus the folded surfers fit in my case alongside the gimbal,excellent for just a few pounds.
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Yep. Better range for little to nothing in terms of cost. I always use them on my P3 4K.

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