1. Infidel0007

    Phantom 3 standard 1100.00 on eBay?

    Am I missing something here? How are these people selling 499 dollar Walmart dji standards 2.7k drones for 799 to 1100 bucks? Please LMK what I'm missing here
  2. F

    (15% off voucher) Best good value HDR software?

    EDIT: Scroll down a few pages for the 15% off voucher code, which the author of EasyHDR offered after I'd already started this thread. I see a lot of people recommending Lightroom and other expensive software, when all I wanted was something that worked for a much cheaper cost. Preferably free...
  3. Cshore4

    Just looking for a Plain Jane set of googles

    I added the HDMI module to my P3 pro transmitter, I want a simple set of goggles that have an HDMI input jack so my wife and friend can watch while I fly. I cant see spending $200 -$300 on fatshark or anything else that has a bunch of antennas and crap hanging off of them. Just looking for cheap...
  4. Suncoast Aerials


  5. R

    Phantom 4-Derbyshire- £700

    Recently upgraded to phantom 4 from the p3s. Still cannot land a far distance away in the heavily built up area im in so im selling to fund a mavic. Comes with Carry case and usual set up. only flown for a total of about 3 hours . Located in Alfreton , Derbyshire . Ring 07842702968
  6. Bugsbunnyheli

    Its hard to say no to the cheap Phantom 3 batteries. :(

    I was just on ebay and saw the P3 knock off batteries for 58 :O dang. I know they can void the warranty and might brick with a firmware update but the price does seem good. I think its knowing the right thing to do And actually doing it.I just keep thinking somebody has to be buying them if the...
  7. Numone

    First Flights with a Windsurfer-WOW!

    It was a beautiful day here in Surrey, England on a Friday - 10c, zero measurable wind and a cloudless blue sky. So, I decided it was worth a go at a couple of flights with the Windsurfer. Its one of the really cheap foldable units from Gearbest which was a couple of quid. I had to file out the...
  8. M

    Dji S1000 - Octacopter Profissional

    Hi, i have a NEW Dji S1000 here, received from a debt and i want to sell it. PRICE in US DOLLARS : $1.500,00 Dji S1000 Octacopter Frame, Retractable Landing Gear and Motors.... all in the original BOX. Is this product: Spreading Wings S1000 - specially designed for high level professional...
  9. J

    For Sae: P3P + 2 batteries and guards

    I have a P3P for sale flies great. However I bumped it off of my grill and the gimbal and camera were broken by the grill handle. Also has 2 extra batteries and prop guards...$450+shipping (UPS Ground) approx $28.55 20160414_185102 by JonathanM posted Apr 14, 2016 at 7:10 PM 20160414_185242 by...
  10. AZLI

    Phantom 1 Simple FPV setup

    Hi... manage to create simple FPV setup for my Phantom 1 using cheap equipment i could find... will post the photo soon....
  11. F

    Could this be a very cheap alternative to a LARGE Screen, £60

    I was browsing Ebay (uk) and came across this. Now don't start asking me questions like has it got GPS etc because I am not selling them. However if you wish to contact the seller or thing its worth trying for such a low price please feel free. But don't forget to tell us on here how you...