1. B

    Range & WiFi issues.

    I’m Hey everyone. I’ve noticed my Phantom has had very limited range and has been disconnecting around 1,000 feet. I looked at the antennas on the feet and noticed there are only three wires on all of the legs, one leg does not have a wire. Is this a problem? On the other hand, my WiFi video...
  2. G

    P3P RC Always Poor Signal

    Hello! So i don't know what is going on with my P3P. Hope to get some help here. I can't fly it for more than 200' because i loose communications with he drone. Every time i check i get RC Poor signal even next to the drone.. Any advice on what i can check to fix this issues?
  3. New Phantom Owner

    Litchi App & RTH Failsafe

    Following a recommendation I am considering buying the litchi app, installing it on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and flying my modified Phantom 3 Standard in VR FPV. My main concern is this. My flying environment is typically quite less than ideal for signal continuity. Environment is plagued by...
  4. M

    P4 Advanced Weak Transmission / Disconnects

    Hi, My P4 Advanced is showing "weak transmission signal" and then intermittent " aircraft disconnected" signals when only a short distance away. This happens where ever I fly. I notice that the signal quality on most channels spike at"poor". I have the latest firmware installed and the latest...
  5. PhantomHero

    Range extender

    Will the addition of a 3 antenna ($57 one) help/eliminate the "Warning strong interference" warning? Was considering getting one for P3S if it would correct this issue. Or will this JUST add further flight distance when no interference is present?
  6. J

    Drop out after ~100m (previously 600-800+)

    Hey guys. Haven't been flying as much as I used to due to working 6 days a week. I've kept the drone up to date with software and making sure the batteries are in good health every so often but haven't properly flown it. When I did get a chance though I found I couldn't get more than 60-100m...
  7. L

    Signal lost on p3 advanced.

    okay, so basically my new (second hand) phantom 3 advanced has been having a bunch of issues since i bought it, the most recent of which is it permanently saying "signal lost" on my phone (gs7). I have tried updating firmware and relinking the controller, neither of which had any success. This...
  8. G

    Trees blocking my signal

    I bought my drone for one purpose. The idea was that I could fly my drone from my house to where my boat is moored to check if things were all right. The distance is about 1500 feet, with an elevation drop of about 20 feet. My P3 SE has a range of 10,000 feet over open water, but the trees...
  9. A

    Phantom 3 SE Remote drops WiFis when batt levet under 50%

    Anyone had experience like this? It drops the aircraft's and the tablet's wifi too. First it dropped when it was around 60%, today it was about 50-55%. The plane just arrived few days ago, just has been charged 2 times roughly, hopefully will decrease the wifi drops after a while... I think it...
  10. C

    Weak controller signal after latest firmware update

    A few days ago I installed the new firmware on my p4pro drone and controller but since then I have been experiencing a very weak controller signal and aircraft gets disconnected immediately. Anyone of you experiencing the same issue?
  11. Falconer

    Question about Maximizing Remote Controller Signal (P3 Advanced)

    Hi all, Have a question relating to flying on/near beaches with cliffs with a P3 Advacned, using the controller that comes with the drone. In general, in which scenario would you likely get better remote controller signal; Scenario 1) Drone operator is standing at the top of 100ft cliff that...
  12. B

    Jamming / interference?

    I was flying today, following the vehicle I was in - so the range was within a few hundred feet at all times, in a rural area. Everything was going great until the AC suddenly lost connection. Running the data through Healthydrones, just about everything was going well (with the exception of...
  13. T

    weak transmission signal

    hi i have a p3 advanced and i always get weak transmission signal at around 200m. it will never fly beyond 400m before disconnecting and rth. i can fly it directly above beyond 200m and the signal is fine. ive re calibrated the imu and controller and it has the latest firmware. ive also flown it...
  14. I

    Peace of Mind.. Antenna's Actually Tuned for our Drones

    . ...Most Antenna's on the market have poor Return Loss & VSWR specs and the Tuning varies Wildly, thats why you may find or read about 1 set of antenna working reasonable while the performance of another set by the same mfg is abysmal.. I recently purchased a batch of antennas that while within...
  15. J

    How to handle losing GPS?

    Seen a lot of posts of people losing GPS mid flight and then crashing, in the event this does happen whats the best way to handle it? Think its a good question for myself and other beginners. I suspect when GPS signal drops you have to some how fly it manually, Ive read the manual numerous...
  16. thefrisbee995

    Can Somebody Please Link Me To a Good Antenna? (P4P)

    So I have a P4P and have found that by the time I am even nearing the end of line of sight, I get so much interference I lose connection or it just breaks up. Also, longer range would be pretty cool in any scenario. I have seen a lot of threads on here about antenna mods for the P4, not so much...
  17. M

    What blocks radio signal..?

    I've been flying for a few years with a Phantom 2. I've always been nervous to fly in a way where there isn't at least some kind of clear path between the Phantom and my remote. I know this might be a dumb question but...what exactly can disrupt the signal? Like I know it'd be dumb to fly on the...
  18. SoCalDude

    Updated to v.Latest (here are my results) . . .

    Okay, I was "living on the edge" last night. I updated everything that I could to the latest available versions—P4, RC, DJI Go (iOS). Refer to version summary below. Additionally, last night, I re-calibrated everything, including IMU, VPS, gimbal, and even the RC controller sticks. On the way...
  19. Numone

    First Flights with a Windsurfer-WOW!

    It was a beautiful day here in Surrey, England on a Friday - 10c, zero measurable wind and a cloudless blue sky. So, I decided it was worth a go at a couple of flights with the Windsurfer. Its one of the really cheap foldable units from Gearbest which was a couple of quid. I had to file out the...
  20. W

    Signal issues

    Hello all, I recently bought a phantom 3 standard off eBay (second hand), and have been flying it this week. I have found that the signal is poor and will disconnect at an altitude of around 100m (sometimes less) and can go no further than 200m in length. The camera would start to lag before...