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First Flight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bunkphenomenon, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. bunkphenomenon

    Jan 31, 2016
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    The winds had died down a bit today so I decided to take Phantom out in order to get to know her better. I got to Black Star Canyon and the winds were about 5-10 mph, and only 2 cars in the parking area in case I make a fool of myself panicking, there would be no witnesses.

    While i was setting up, a California Highway Patrol drove up, parked for five minutes looking at me and talking on the radio, then left. But just before he left, he stopped again for another good 5 minutes. I presumed he was on the radio calling in whether or not I was allowed to fly there>? He never said anything so whatever.

    It went pretty well, but my video is choppy and there was jello effect when I take off. I didnt really fiddle with the video settings, but not sure why it was choppy. I need to master flying it before I can worry about the video, but if anyone has any suggestions on video settings, im all ears!

    I learned quite a few things (other than its flight characteristics): keep an eye on your satellites. On my second launch, I didnt realize that I didnt have enough sats locked in, I took off and kinda freaked out when it started drifting pretty fast.
    Know the GO App, and when you think you know it, learn it again! I took way too much time trying to figure where things were before launching.
    Also, know how to initiate RTH both from the app and on the RC.
    I LOVE the telemetry. It really takes away alot of anxiety. lol
    I also practiced catching it when landing. And the last thing I learned was.. I need more batteries! lol (just ordered a spare).

    Anyway, just thought Id share my experience for others that will soon take their first flight!
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  2. QuadBart

    Jan 28, 2016
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    Not slamming/flaming you, just how I approached it....

    I got mine about a week ago and have yet to fly it. I've been pouring over the instruction manuals, watching/rewatching all the relevant videos I can from DJI and others, and playing with the simulator. When I put mine up in the air I want to be confident that I know what controls do what. This isn't my first quad so you think I wouldn't need as much prep, but the GO app is completely new to me.

    I just like to be prepared. I know I may still panic if something goes different than I expect, or that all this prep doesn't mean I won't crash it.. I just like to be prepared...

    Enjoy and Happy Flying!
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