Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa, Canada

“The risk that these things could pose to aircraft, considering a large airliner approaching an airport . . . is significant................”

Totally his "opinion". No data whatsoever to back up this uneducated statement. When they said a "large" drone, then showed the Inspire1, that set the stage for just another hit piece.
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Must have been a pretty big drone to be spotted a mile away and a few thousand feet below by the naked eye... and then by radar....
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Lol...fighter jets after a plastic toy. Lol

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Read these two paragraphs again:

"The controller called with another warning a few minutes later — the target is now 1.2 km off the left wing of the Air Canada Airbus A320 jet.

“I see him there now. Yeah, a couple of thousand feet below me and yeah, I can see the drone,” the Air Canada pilot replied."

One - the pilot must be the bionic man/women to see a Phantom-like drone at that distance; or,
Two - a US military drone was way off course

Not knowing the size of the object, how was the pilot able to judge distance from object?
Here is more info on that. Before it got stupified.

From Transport Canada
Transport Canada files report
On June 6, nearly two weeks after the incident, Transport Canada filed a report about the sightings of a "large drone" near the flight paths of the two planes.

The report says the WestJet pilots spotted the drone on the plane's left side at the same altitude of the plane, about 6,700 feet. The Air Canada flight was flying at 8,000 feet when its pilots spotted the drone about 1.8 kilometres to its left, flying about 2,000 feet below the plane's altitude.

The drone headed to the southeast at 37 to 55 km/h on radar and was lost at about 4:55 p.m. ET, the report states.

I believe pilots use to call these sightings UFO's. As they did not know what they were. But now they are drones.

I also fly kites. Two of them are 11ft 6inches wide. I go to a friends house that is 2.8km away and we can not find the kite in the sky.
Even though we know exactly where to look. and yes the kite is high enough.It is also very colorful.

To see a drone or what ever it was from 1.8km away and 2000ft below doing 200+ mph that had to be a huge whatever it was.
Now the term drone is generic to mean UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. At 1.8KM away they could not see if it was manned or not.

Here is the article.

Drone near Ottawa airport prompted NORAD to scramble CF-18s

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