aircraft safety

  1. David Cooke

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Aircraft and drones

    How hard is it to spot a Drone from an aircraft or an aircraft from a drone. New video shows both pilot and drone operators have only seconds. This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. As my old flight instructor used to say WATCH...
  2. Alothan

    Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa, Canada

    NORAD scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets into the skies over Ottawa on May 25 after reports of a large drone flying near commercial jets. Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa | Toronto Star
  3. K

    Aircraft safety tip... Prop mount screws (Mods..please make this sticky)

    ****** There was a post on the dji forum of a bird that fell from the sky and it looked like the prop clamp screws on the motor had come off mid flight.... Thanks to the posers there and summerised some tips below. ****** So decided to give mine a check.... add this to you pre flight checks...