1. M

    P3P Aircraft will not go into Link mode, after FW upgrade

    Full disclosure - I crashed the Phantom pretty hard a few months ago. So I replaced the casing (yes it was a lot of tedious work). Put it all back together, and everything seemed fine. Everything connected. I could see the camera view in the DJI Go software on the controller. All was awesome. I...
  2. David Cooke

    6 Seconds to a Mid-AIR

    This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. Most of them own their own aircraft and regularly fly in rural Ontario. Flat open spaces and mostly in good weather. So how hard is it to spot a drone when you are at the controls and what should...
  3. P

    Aircraft Disconnected/Gimbal Disconnected/Battery Temperature N/A

    Hey guys! I just unbox my new drone, flew it once, charged the battery, was going to fly it again but then it said the following "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A" I have no idea what's going on. Help? The green dot in the gimbal is on.
  4. L

    P4 Antenna connector broken.

    I replaced the shell because of a crash. The antenna connector on the board which the white wire connects to is broken. What is necessary to repair this issue? Replace the board or can the contact only be replaced? Thanks.
  5. SoCalDude

    Point GPS Module's Arrow to Front of Aircraft (?)

    What does this message mean? "Point GPS module's arrow to front of aircraft" (see image below). I ended up just rebooting my P4 and recalibrating the compass. The message then never reappeared. By the way, I did update the firmware the night before this flight. This is with an iPad Air 2 (128...
  6. R

    FAA Aircraft Marking

    Did a search here and didn't find do people put their FAA # on a Phantom 4? Any suggestions welcome...
  7. Alothan

    Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa, Canada

    NORAD scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets into the skies over Ottawa on May 25 after reports of a large drone flying near commercial jets. Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa | Toronto Star