Computer does not recognize mc

Apr 11, 2015
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Zimmerman Mn
I'm getting so frustrated I'm about to smash this thing. I've got about 6 hours of trying to get things working...

Dealer I bought it from suggests I re update the software but can't.

GPS still does not lock, motors won't start, MC won't connect to pc. Other than that...

Can someone explain all the programs I have installed??

Phantom 2 Vision Assistant Setup version
WIN driver setup
RC system assistant 1.2
Phantom 2 Vision Assistant 3.8
RC System assistant setup

Working with a Windows 8 laptop, MC won't connect
Is it new?
The GPS antenna plugs in inside and has been known to come adrift in transit.
It's located in the top shell and the cable is quite obvious if you have tools to take it apart.
You should still be able to start the motors though.
If you can't, calibrating the sticks might fix it.
You can see the stick movement in the assistant if the connection is good.
Another possibility is you are in an airport no fly zone which could also block it from turning on.
Doesn't explain lack of satellites though.
Note it does need to be well out in the open to get good satellite numbers.
Close to buildings or trees you might never get good lock as it can only see part of the sky.
switched to my windows 7 pc and it connects, still no satellites

Are you indoors and saying "still no satellites"? Someone has to ask the goofy questions, it's usually me.
It is 3 weeks old, no recent crash. Yes I am outside. Small airport 4-5 miles ( guess) away has not been an issue in the past.

Removed cover to check antenna plug ( why does it not lock into socket, dumb) and now dealer tells me I voided warranty by opening it.

I bought this as a tool for my business so need to use it to pay for it.

No sats, no motors, no local dealer, no happy!

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