can anyone help? phantom 4 lagging, signal break up on devices

Feb 4, 2017
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can anyone help? phantom 4 lagging, signal break up on devices

ive used an iPad air and i iPhone 6 plus, and a skandisk extreme pro memory card, two different cable leads

now the issue is when I'm watching on the screen i can see it occasionally lags, and when i watch back on the device the picture breaks up? ive only had the drone for a month

however when i watch it back on my macbook air (mid 2012) it buffers allot however can't see the pixilation or the signal break up, when i play it on a new window 10 pc it plays perfect no issues at all no lagging, no signal break u, ive emailed DJI they said possible hardware failure? try different devices and cables which i have, whet i can't get my head around the video footage plays fine on a windows pc, but not on any of the devices, apart from lagging, breaking up lines going across the screen, pixilation, etc but clear when play back on the PC, (THATS WINDOWS) NOT on my MacBook air. ive uploaded 3 pictures,
i do have DJI insurance, but why should i use that as its under warranty only flown it a few times over 4 weeks!


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yea ask dji about this. Maybe it's something with their update. I bought a new hdmi module to make sure it wasn't that, and it still happened, but I found that my other phone that wasn't water damaged worked better.

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