Best way to stream 4k video to 4k tv?

Jul 20, 2014
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Midlands, UK
Hi, my P3 Pro is now on order but i was just thinking what is the best way to stream the 4k video to my 4k tv?
With my pv2+ i just play the 1080p through my laptop and that is wired via an hdmi to the tv, the problem is that my laptop cannot run 4k so i need to find another way, i was thinking of putting the sd card in the laptop with the 4k content and then transfering it to the 1tb portable hard drive i have and plugging that into the tv via the usb3 lead. Would this work?
Is there a way to stream the 4k video direct to the tv from the phantom 3?
Any advice would be most appreciated. :)
It depends completely on your TVs ability to play the type of video that the P3 records.

You could simply transfer the video file from the SD to a USB and plug the USB into the TV is your TV will play a video file from the USB port.

You can also upload the video to YouTube if your TV will stream from YouTube. Might be a little jumpy depending on your Internet connection.
Best bet would be to use the DJI live stream to YouTube (if it works) and tune in from your T.V. Although, it wont be 4k from YT. The Inspire has HDMI out, but not the P3.
Thanks for the replies, looks like i will just transfer the 4k video from the sd card to my portable hd with usb3.0 and then plug that straight into the tv. :)

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