Beeping problem after new firmware update install

Dec 8, 2015
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I downloaded and extracted the bin file for the latest upload onto my new Micro 64 gig card after reformatting the card the FAT extended and the download to the card was successful. I then attempted to install it by turning everything off and placing the new card in the camera and powering on the Phantom 3 Professional. It appeared to be complete so I powered off and attempted to power back on the Phantom 3 and got a perpetual beeping. It appears I may have powered down before the install was complete.

At this point if have followed several other procedures recommended on this blog including letting the beeping continue for over an hour with no success. Any new suggestions on resetting and completing the firmware install?
make sure only the bin file is on the sd card, start the upgrade again, let it finish, power off the drone, take the sd card outside, check the log file if completed successfully
delete both the bin and log file and than insert the sd card back in the phantom, power it up and it should be fine
Thanks for your response. The problem seems to be that the Phantom won't see the new file and it just continues to beep. I am on line with DJI and if it continues after a try with the software bin file that they are providing... I will have to send it in for repair.

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