BC20-4 Stock P1/FC40 balance charger flashing "Hey, I'm broken"

Sep 12, 2014
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So, today I went flying, surprise, surprise.
Came home and plugged in my chargers one at a time on the power strip, confirmed LiPo and 1 Amp selected, as usual.
The leads to the XT60 connector haven't been unplugged from the charger in months, so I know I did not cross them.
I got good test lights and normal ready to charge lights. Reached in my bag and grabbed some batteries.

1st up was one of my Turnigy MultiStar 4000 mAh batteries and I plugged in the XT60 from the charger.
:rolleyes: Here's where things are a bit grey in my knoggin. :rolleyes:
I seem to remember, MAYBE, having issues with the balance plug. I wasn't trying to plug it in upside-down, or in the wrong receptacle. I may have plugged and un-plugged and plugged it in quickly, or I just don't know what the heck I did. I just remember things didn't happen as usual, but I got good lights.

Connected the other 2 chargers to batteries, got normal lights, and walked away.

About an hour later I check and I get this, not my video but same **** thing.

If you must know, the video is from one of our members from back in 2013. He never got a hit on his thread till today. Here's the thread: http://www.phantompilots.com/threads/bc20-4-balance-charger-flashing-lights-is-this-normal.1807/

So, I start searching and find this video which shows lights flashing just like mine. The guy says I blew my charger by crossing the leads, which I did NOT. So, I'm thinking I know how to blow stuff up without having to do it like the guy before me. :D I watch the video, open my charger and find it's different from the guy's in the video... :(

The problem is, I don't have that "safety strip" he has, and there is no visible damage.

My charger is a BC20-4, V-1.0. It was just as warm as the other 2 chargers. Yep, I feel how much heat is being produced.
The battery is a 9 month old Turnigy, MultiStar 4000. After removing the battery from the charger the cells read: 11.6 volts, C1 3.85, C2 3.88, C3 3.86. The battery was not warm or any more swollen than the day it arrived.

So here's the question:
Is it the charger, or is it the battery? It sounds like it's the charger, but both are parked until I figure out what the heck is going on.

Thanks folks.

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