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Battery issue ?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by David2676, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. David2676

    Jan 5, 2015
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    I have an used phantom 2 flown it a couple times :

    1. first flight after about 13 minutes total time after turning it on I was watching it just a few feet above the red light blinked once then it went into auto land mode. I was able to catch it before it hit the fence.

    2. Yesterday I was flying I did a short flight over some water then got chicken and moved to a new location on the same battery. when i took off i had three solid lights and the 4 blinked ? I believe. after a short flight in kind of heavy wind I went to fly back. the phantom was slow coming back so I am sure it was under full load fighting the wind. As this point it stopped wanting to rise so when the right stick pulled fully back I could not make it lift. I stopped it for a few seconds it stayed level I could moved left and right but no higher. I could not see the lights to determine if they were blinking red .. after about 5 seconds it started to auto land, actually I am not totally sure if it stopped going up and I brought it down just to be safe. it was kind of a quick thing where as I came down i was already prepping to land there just to be safe. there were a few things going on like a I needed to fly low across the street to get back to where I was and there was a truck coming. After I took it home in my yard i fly again on this batter for another 5 minutes at least without issue .... the

    the battery was used ... and has about 30 cycles on it.

    I am wondering if I have a bad phantom ? for example maybe this is why it was used because it crashed and broke due to what I am seeing ? also how do I test a battery. The weird thing is a couple flights I have had without issue at all. It has made me really nervous or afraid to fly anywhere I might not be able to land immediately.
  2. Deadmeat

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.
    Sounds like there`s an issue, whether it`s a battery issue or software one i wouldn`t know. There`s a thread on here about duff batteries and early autoland and what your experiencing sounds familiar to what others have reported.
    It`s a bummer when you lose confidence and are on "alert" for the signs of things not being right. When my battery goes to 40-35% and i go straight up quickly the battery icon flashes empty yet when i level out it goes back to the normal battery full icon. Dodgy connection or clever electronics detecting height, speed, battery level ??? :?
    Sending it back is expensive so hopefully you`ll get a software update that`ll do the trick.

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