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Android Maps Wont Cache

Discussion in 'Standard' started by stuka75, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. stuka75

    Sep 7, 2016
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    Having trouble(wont cache) caching maps on three different android devices. Using Go app 3.1.5, and previously 3.1.3 with same caching issue. I've used a P34K and a Standard ac ,again with the same issues. All three devices, two phones and a tablet, have cached fine previously, which leads me to think this may be a setting in the Go app I've somehow overlooked?
    Opened app on wifi, scrolled and zoomed the area, but on connection to ac and controller, no map info. And, I'm getting google maps erratically.
    I'm lost. Anyone with ideas?
  2. Kunjaba007

    Dec 31, 2016
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    I have the same problem but can live with it.;)
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