1. R

    Can't get it to link no matter what I do

    Hi all, I bought a Phantom 2 Vision + when they first came out and put it in a cupboard to set up a bit later. Finally got it out yesterday and it flies but I can't get the range extender or my iPhones/iPads to link with the helicopter. I have done a plethora of different "Fixes" gleaned from...
  2. G

    Aeroplane mode p3 standard?

    I recently purchased a p3 standard and a nexus 7 to use as ground control. Ive seen a few people mention running tablet in aeroplane mode, but does this not disable the wifi as well any guidance on this would be much appreciated.
  3. V

    P3S Range problem

    Hi friends, I got a problem, hope someone can help me! Bought a P3S. Functioned fine, except for the live-view range: camera view disappears when the drone is 30, 40 meters away. RC keeps working. App shows 'signal lost', camera view turns black/white and freezes. Contacted DJI about this...
  4. T

    Motherboard components

    Hi, I'm a newbie and......I crushed my standard from 4 m! So after remounted gimball, camera, glued gimball support..... The bird fly and respond to command but the 2.4 g wifi doesn't work. The remote remain solid red no camera images, no info in dji app. Fly but is blind. In the mainboard the...
  5. Ojcze Nasz

    Phantom 3 Standard range mod , let's do it together...

    Got P3S yesterday. Not happy with range. Considering I also live in dense residential area with hundreds of wifi networks around. So I tried to hack(?) in to it to see what can be done. I was so far successful getting inside via FTP : IP: User : root Pass : Big~9China Now I can see...
  6. D

    Help... wifi disappeared.. remote led solid red ..

    Hello there, my P3S during a flight yesterday began to disconnect (led on remote blinking randomly red and green) and at the following start-up remained red solid and I could find any longer the Phantom wifi network on my cellular. I tried to make the reset several times with no success... The...
  7. BrAinZ

    iPad Mini Bluetooth - PS3 Connection Issue

    I wonder if anyone can help with a niggly issue I'm having connecting my P3S to my iPad 4 Mini. All works fine if you just connect the ac to the iPad, but as it doesn't have a GPS or net connection, I want to also connect it to my iPhone 6. If you ignore the DJI aspect of it, this is something...
  8. Ramphex

    WiFi iPad - GPS Misconception

    Guys, there's been some talk about this here recently and I don't know why but people are under the impression that the WiFi only iPads will not allow you to use "GPS features" such as follow me or updating the home point. Although it is true, WiFi models do NOT have a GPS module as the GPS...
  9. C

    Do I need a wifi cable replacement?

    Wrecked my P3 Standard into a tree and it fell 8 feet after the computer didn't counteract to wind very well. Anyways, it ripped the camera and gimbal off and stripped out a ribbon cable and what I believe are the wifi cables. It also broke the baseplate. I ordered new anti-drop pins, a cable...
  10. C

    Mild Crash now wifi won't connect

    Hello, Like a typical noob, I had a small crash with my Phantom 3. A storm rolled in and just as I took off, it seemed that I lost GPS and the drone took off on it's on. It wouldn't respond to remote commands and at an altitude of about 2 feet off the ground , it flew into a thin tree trunk...
  11. J

    WIFI problems? Connects, then disconnects after about 100 ft

    Relative newbie- have done lots of research though so im decently aware of the terminology. So I bought my drone (Phantom 2 Vision (not the vision PLUS)) used, from craigslist from a very nice old man that bought it and used it very little and very gently. I flew it around, and the farthest ive...
  12. wormgrunter

    Selecting Multiple WiFi signals

    My home has two separate WiFi Providers,one is from Centrylink (hard landline) the other is Satellite from Hugesnet. When I set up to fly my P2V it takes a long time before my smartphone (Galaxy Note 3) recognizes the WiFi signal from the Phantom. I really don't want to shut off the home systems...
  13. krakatoa56

    Phantom 3 Standard wifi unstable

    Just had my first flight with my new Phantom 3 Standard. I have had a Phantom 2 Vision for a couple of years so am pretty competent flying. Before the flight I installed the latest DJI Go app on my HTC one and used this to install connect to the Phantom and install the latest firmware as...
  14. Omnipotent

    Inexpensive fix: GPS function with the iPad WiFi only tablet

    Hey everyone, first post here. I made a video for YouTube that I figured would help some people who were in the same boat as I was. Like many people I got the iPad mini 2 WiFi-only tablet, and was a bit disappointed to find out the features I was missing, when out in the field for a flight...
  15. E

    SJCam 4000/M10 and others Wifi Range

    Hi For those of us who are poor , i wanted to know if anyone did any real life tests on the wifi range of the SJCAM cameras (without any repeaters or extenders) just its regular wifi signal for example has anyone used the TL-MR3040 with a SJCAM ? if so, show me how to setup please
  16. E

    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative

    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative Hi besides getting the official vision+ wifi module, can you use something else to get the info on how many satellites connected etc..
  17. N

    P2V+ range issue and connection loss

    Dears Recently I am facing the problem with my P2V+ that it suddenly looses WiFi-connection if I go further than 150m (500ft). Some weeks before I could fly about 500m (1600ft) without problems. The controls on the other hand work without problems at 500m (1600ft). I have made a screen...
  18. E

    Phantom 2.0 Vision+ Missing Gimbal/Camera (can i still connect)?

    Hi I bought a Phantom 2.0 Vision+ , it didn't have a Gimbal/Camera. I have the remote with the wifi extender re700. can i still connect the phantom and get any information from the smart phone. or the app is only for camera? is the wifi module in the camera or phantom, can i verify if it is...