1. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Cable cam panning shots

    I did a short video showing how to get great panning shots with smooth movement Litchi does have record waypoint feature I discovered after filming these videos Touching drone icon on map records that position
  2. Member

    Litchi waypoints: uploaded vs controller?

    Hello Pilots, P3P user here. I'm new to Litchi and haven't used it out in the field yet. I want to plan the missions very carefully (leaving lots of extra altitude in different terrains, always going above trees, and open fields, etc) but based on past experience, the video feed will stop...
  3. Neilen

    P3A self crash during waypoint run.

    If i reacted quicker could have avoided the crash. lucky Prop guards took brunt of impact and 10m of ground so lucky nothing mayor only blow to EGO. will upload flight logs. all updates latest to date including recent remote update. was practicing for a home shoot to check any wires around...
  4. S

    Drone to capture pictures at 4km distance

    Hello! I'm new here, thanks for running this great forum. I'm not very competent about drones, only used a few toys in the past. In order to check the state of an almond field, which is located at 4 km from my home, I need a drone that can fly autonomously from my home to the site at a given...
  5. B

    4k litchi waypoint s6 tilt

    When creating waypoint in LItchi with samsung s6 and desiring to tilt -45 degrees, is there a way make the degrees negative so it will tilt down?
  6. Stephan

    Litchi Waypoint Tablet/Phone and Android version issues?

    Hi I started off doing an aerial survey and 3D model of a piece of land I own (using Agisoft), which led me to doing missons of around 30 waypoints. This worked well using Go, but when I tried it in Litchi, the app would simply hang without starting the mission. I could do a couple of waypoints...
  7. K

    Ultimate Flight now includes per-waypoint speed setting

    The most asked for change is the ability to control the speeds between waypoints and this version now includes the capability. Refer to the documentation for specifics and details for use of newly added features. Docs: http://www.djiuf.com/v3_documentation.php Other changes included in the...
  8. Melvoid

    Advanced No Waypoint menu

    HI all, I have been trying to get the Waypoints function going on my P3 Advanced. I believe I've done everything right, but when I switch the toggle to F, after takeoff, the Waypoint menu does not appear. Up to that, everything seems correct. Am I missing something? thanks
  9. ocatcr

    Vision Pilot 3 (iOS Waypoints App) Available Now

    Available at iOS APP Store Vision Pilot 3 will enable you to safely and reliably shoot high quality aerial video. Supported Platforms: • Compatible platform: DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 (Pro/Adv), Inspire 1 (X3/X5/X5R), Matrice 100 • Compatible iOS devices: iPad Air/Air 2/Pro, iPad mini 2/3/4...
  10. M

    Litchi waypoint limitations

    What waypoint limitations are there in Litchi? I have a simple mission that has failed to start twice: The mission starts from #1 my home, to #2 my father's home at 840m distance, then #3 back to my home, then RTH. But there was an alert "Distance between two adjacent waypoint is too close"...
  11. J

    Litchi waypoints gimbal is glitchy

    I did a 2 mile waypoint mission in the litchi app. i set all the waypoints for the gimbal to interpolate and attached different waypoints to different POI. Sometimes the camera would not be looking down at the POI and would be looking straight out at the horizon. I would manually move the...
  12. PVFlyer

    FPV Camera (iOS app) supports P3 Standard/4K now

    FPV Camera v3.0 is released and officially support P3 Standard/4K. It consists of multiple in-app purchase add-ons including Mission Planner (multi-POI waypoint, orbit & panorama), FPV Goggles and Flight Log.
  13. PVFlyer

    FPV Camera Orbit Beta Testing

    We have been conducting a new beta testing of Orbit mode in Mission Planner. If you are interested to join, please sign up beta at fpvbooster.com. It's much appreciated for any feedback on problems/bugs and suggestions to improve the app.
  14. Albert D

    P3P Way Point End of Mission RTH Tested and Verified

    I actually posted this info in a different forum and was asked to post it here also. After reading much discussion and speculation, I decided to do some real time testing with Way point and Orbit missions to verify exactly what happens at the end of missions when battery gets low. I conducted...
  15. jamesb72

    Waypoints - cannot see camera recording status ?

    Playing with waypoints, which is still very strange to me to hand over control ! Once you store and play the waypoints, I cannot see if video is recording, as the waypoint box covers the camera status on right of screen which normally shows recording/counter. I've been listening carefully as...
  16. K

    Released - Ultimate Flight V3 - now with orbit waypoints

    The major updates in this version is the new waypoint edits including drag-reorder, flick delete and much more. Also in this release is the addition of an orbit waypoint; very similar to the current orbit mode but this is a type of waypoint. Place the waypoint as you would any waypoint, define...
  17. J

    Professional Possible way point software problem

    I wanted to use the Way point mode for a video that I wanted flown around 10 ft. I tested this at my home and set the way points around 10 ft, I just had 2 way points for this test. My C1 switch would not set the 2nd way point so I just press "set way point". I then went back to the other side...
  18. PVFlyer

    Mission Planner (FPV Camera – iOS Waypoints App) Available Now

    [Edit 2015/12/18]: A new update of FPV Camera v2.0 is available in App Store now. What's new in Mission Planner: • New: Introduce 2 new mission types - Panorama & Pano-WP • New: Auto-tilt algorithm for smooth tilting upon changing targets in Target-WP mission • New: Add Camera settings (Auto...