P3P Camera not responding correctly

Jun 22, 2014
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Last night I was trying to get some aerial footage of a Chri.......... errrr........ Nondenominational Winter Holiday Celebration.......... light display. I was getting very aggravated with how my camera was responding to my command to tilt down. It either would not tilt down at all, move in a jerky fashion, and sometimes would actually tilt up, at full speed, as far as it would go.

Here's a low-res clip of the issue:

I tried changing the speed of the camera in the Go app, but that didn't make any difference. It was very frustrating having to shoot a scene over and over until I got the camera to (somehow) move according to my command.

Any ideas?
Bump........ in hope of a response............


As the instruction manual does not even mention the former, how does one do this? A Google search produces nothing on the matter.

I've calibrated the gimbal, as well as checked for current RC firmware.
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it looks like to me that you should check camera and gimbal ribbon cable if its properly installed!
i think this is the cause imo!
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Watch this video from the DJI Tutorials.

Well, git out yer crayons and color me stupid. I never did see that when I cali'd the sticks when I bought the dumb thing. I guess I was not expecting to have to, having come from a P2v+.

Seems to have solved it, at least while testing it as it sits on my dining room table. Hopefully, the rain will quit in a couple days and I can take it out for an in-flight test.

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