1. D

    Tablet Issues With Phantom 4 Pro (I tried to be descriptive, little wordy)

    I am very new to DJI products. I have been using Draganfly drones over the past few months with the college I attend, however, recently I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+. The controller it came with does not support 3rd party apps (dronedeploy, Pix4d, ect...) but works very well with the built-in DJI...
  2. russbarger

    Tablets that actually work for flying drones - livestock management

    Can you tell me what tablets exist which are close to the DJI Crystal Sky, when flying a drone for livestock or other agricultural applications? $800 for a tablet and bracket seem excessive. We are ranchers in western Nebraska who started our own drone company. The best time to fly a drone...
  3. 68charger440

    Litchi supported devices as of 01/22/2018

    I asked them if they supported a Note 4. Below is the response. JAN 22, 2018 | 05:57PM UTC Litchi replied: Hi, This mobile device won’t be powerful enough to run Litchi’s latest version correctly. For Android, our recommended devices are: Nvidia Shield K1, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Samsung...
  4. U

    Tablet Opinions for P4P?

    My father-in-law received a P4P in a business deal at closing; since he had no use for it he very generously gifted the drone to me! I'm looking at options for a display; currently I'm just using my smartphone (1st generation Moto Droid Turbo 5.2" screen). It works, but the app is buggy and the...
  5. C

    trade phantom 3 standard for phantom 4 W/extras

    I would like to trade for a phantom 4 complete setup. I can offer my phantom 3 standard with a $400 gift card to walmart or amazon, or I can trade a brand new unopened Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet with new keyboard, and new stylus, and new HD Glass screen protector. ALL in the box. I just paid...
  6. Cabunag60

    What Tablet to use?

    Bought an Advanced Phantom 3, then found out that my I Pad 2 will not work on it, cant afford to get a newer I Pad. Can someone suggest a cheaper solution, that works ok for them, thank you. C Cabunag
  7. philkalarovich

    Whats the best tablet for a P4 Pro?

    Just wondering what everybody is using as far as a tablet goes and what kind of tablet requirements are needed for optimum flying? Thanks for the input!
  8. J

    Tablet debate (Samsung Tab E v Apple Ipad Mini 2)

    Just got a P4P and now need a tablet to be able to view footage clearly, currently using a Samsung A3 (2014) with a small 4.5" screen. My main use for the drone is photography and eventually part time commercial use (once approved) so need to be able to clearly see what my drones seeing. Im...
  9. Bugsbunnyheli

    Asus Zenpad C 7.0 Z170c-a1-bk 16 Gb Tablet - 7 is it ok to use with the Phantom 3 adv

    I am looking at this to pair with a Phantom 3 Adv I saw it listed as ok. Is anybody using it? Help.... Its the Asus Zenpad C
  10. E

    ¿Tablets compatible with Ph3 standard?

    Hey, you know a list of compatible tablets android with Phantom 3 standard? I have a chuwi vi7 be compatible?
  11. F

    iPad mini 2, Nvidia Shield K1, or Nexus 7 2nd Gen?

    Now that I know that my iPad 4th Gen isn't going to work, I'm looking for a dedicated tablet to use with my P3A. After trying to comb through the numerous threads, I've narrowed it down to these three. Which one should I get? iPad mini 2 16GB WiFi/Cellular (Used) - $260 Nvidia Shield K1 (New) -...
  12. flyNfrank

    iOS tablet for my P3 needed

    Ok guys.... will a new ipad mini 2 for $199 serve the purpose for the P3? There is only 2 issues I saw anywhere about the mini 2 which are ones that I can live with for now. Those issues were heat and visibility in sunlight. I want to be able to access some of the new app's which are iOS only...
  13. L

    LightShield WeatherWriter's unique anti-glare solution for tablet computers

    The LightShield™ is designed to protect tablets from glare from the sun or internal lighting. It will also offer protection from the rain in the same way as a WeatherWriter™. It gives the user privacy, making it easier to view confidential information in public places. It is small enough to fit...