LightShield WeatherWriter's unique anti-glare solution for tablet computers

Oct 7, 2015
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The LightShield™ is designed to protect tablets from glare from the sun or internal lighting. It will also offer protection from the rain in the same way as a WeatherWriter™. It gives the user privacy, making it easier to view confidential information in public places. It is small enough to fit in a briefcase and can be used instead of a tablet case as it is fully padded and reinforced, offering protection to any tablet stored inside it.

The LightShield™ has three areas that are worth describing in greater detail. Internally the tablet sits on an elevation board that lies flat when the LightShield™ is closed but automatically elevates when the LightShield™ is opened, giving the user a comfortable viewing angle for their tablet. This elevation board has a special grip surface, ensuring the tablet is securely held. We have also built in additional glare protection with our sun visor which flips out at the top to increase the overhang (and thus shade) for very bright days. In the closed position, the sun visor also reinforces the case, offering further protection against bumps. The base of the LightShield™ contains a hand-hold, allowing the user to have an ultra-secure hold when using the LightShield™ on the move.

Fits tablets up to 9.7" screen size.

External dimensions:
Closed - 270mm (w) x 250mm (l) x 10mm (h)
Open - 195mm (h) at front

Made from UV stable, very soft PVC.

Padded for extra protection.

Can be closed with tablet held inside.

Self-opening. Held closed with Velcro.

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