1. meierjoe

    Phantom 3 Standard Fly Away. Where is it ?

    Hey everyone, today something terrible happened. My Dji Phantom 3 Standard flew away. I was filming some really nice empty buildings in east Germany from outside and I wanted it to return to home but somehow it had another RTH point. It logged 2 flights even though i did only one. Then it just...
  2. R

    Standard Issue with gimbal shake

    Hi All, I'm new here, just got a used DJI Phantom 3 Standard that needed the gimbal put back on and the yaw arm replaced. I repaired the phantom and it flys perfectly, the camera looks fine except that it has a slight shake to it. When the drone is on the floor or a table there is no shake...
  3. P

    No Fly Zone Unlock Trouble

    I live in the zip code area 20623 and am having trouble taking off. My phone app doesn't show me being a no fly zone. when I try to take off my app tells me I'm in a no fly zone. I went to dji website and tried to unlock the zone but even their website is telling me I should be able to fly. it...
  4. B

    Standard New battery not charging

    Hello everyone! This seems to be a frequently discussed topic on the forums but I could not find a post that matched my exact symptoms. If this is a duplicate post, please feel free to link me to correct post or move this as needed. I recently bought a Phantom 3 standard battery on sale at...
  5. R

    4k camera on Drone 3 Standard?

    Which 4k cameras are compatible with the Drone 3 Standard?
  6. A

    P3S 2.4 antenna leads broke during crash

    Good day! I am a new flyer and unfortunately crashed yesterday breaking the gimbal bracket which is an easy fix. But also broke the u.fl leads for the two 2.4 wires leading inside the unit. It is my understanding this cannot be crimped or soldered back together. I have researched the forum...
  7. R

    Standard IMU Calibration Issue/ Legs shaking

    Hello, I have a P3S and and told me the IMU needs to be calibrated. I go to calibrate the IMU, I do a check to see if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me "the IMU doesn't need to be calibrated". I go ahead and want to calibrate it anyway and it will not calibrate. Attached is a photo to...
  8. R

    IMU will not Calibrate/ Legs Vibrating

    Hello, I have a P3S and and told me the IMU needs to be calibrated. I go to calibrate the IMU, I do a check to see if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me "the IMU doesn't need to be calibrated". I go ahead and want to calibrate it anyway and it will not calibrate. Attached is a photo to...
  9. A

    Phantom 3 Standard - Argtek Issues

    I recently obtained an official, Argtek antenna mod, and to the best of my knowledge installed it correctly, with the white wire on the bottom, and i'm only achieving 200m out of it with constant interference notification popping up. I have flew my drone in this place multiple times at the same...
  10. M


    Hi there, I live in the Netherlands, and i live in a no-fly zone. My phantom 3 Standard doesnt fly any further than 30m en nog higher than 50m. I always blamed it on the cellular tower in my town, but is there a chance that my government disturbs drone signals so that no one flies drones in no...
  11. T

    Standard auto takeoff to going haywire

    Hello everyone, I had received my DJI p3 standard today and i was showing my friend the auto take off part of it, and as it took off, it rose the default 4 feet like it was supposed too, and went haywire and rammed into the wall across the room, we were indoors and I had beginners mode turned...
  12. M

    Argtek Urban Environment

    Hi there, Bit of a background story. I bought my P3S in september after saving up all year. I finally got it, charged everything and got it up to fly. I was only able to go 30m high and around 50m away from take-off point. I contacted the store and i got another quad. Excitedly i reopened the...
  13. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Lightbridge,Let's mod it together

    to be honest,i'm wasn't happy with the range of p3s,I saw on youtube with the title 'clonning lightbridge to P3S' and there are instructions to execute sh, but we have to put the script into the file system , but now can not access the firmware 1.7.9 via ftp as usual, we have to 'manual' ftp, is...
  14. G

    Video of DJI Phantom 3 Standard Crash

    Was making a stupid video, when the wind caught it and smashed it into the cliff. It was only about a 400 foot drop before the ground stopped it. (Crash starts around :43)
  15. Nate-xt

    Interference errors?

    The other day, i was flying just before sunset and was coming for a landing, i was probably still 50-60 feet in the air when i got about 20 "strong interference" warnings. What causes this? And why did it keep coming back? ive gotten it before, but never had it come back 20 times.
  16. J

    gimbal issue after firmware upgrade

    Guru's, I went for it and upgraded my P3S from v1.6.8 to 1.7.9. succesful. Upgrade went fine but now my gimbal seems to be sorta stuck when i pan up/down. wont point 90 degrees down with the controller, or straight ahead. seems the range of motion is only like 30 degrees vertically. I...
  17. G

    Currently own a P3 Standard, want to sell it... which drone to buy?

    Hey guys, I am new here and I've had my Phantom 3 Standard for about 2 months now... it's good and all but I want a 4k drone with all the cool features the P4 has. I wanna sell it so which one should I get next and why? Thanks!
  18. Procharged97

    P2 and P3 Bazooka Dipoles!!!

    Hey guys if your looking to mod your bird with dipoles check these out. These are a great match if your using DBS Itelite panels. These are a lot better than the other ones out there and are strong and use silver plated coax. 2.4GHz Bazooka Dipoles
  19. B

    Phantom 3 Standard Controller Wanted

    Anyone have one of these for sale? Preferably in the Uk
  20. B

    Standard Multiple Flight Mode switch doesn't show at all

    Dear All, I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and I was looking forward to test the intelligent flight modes such as the follow me and waypoint flight. But no matter how many guides I read or videos I watch I always find myself stuck on the same point: when I open the advanced options on...