1. AngryBird

    PHANTOM 3 STANDARD RC Remote transmitter for sale

    Hi guys, I`m cheaply selling remote control transmitter on ebay. Drone lost in a river :( If anyone is interested feel free to ask any questions. Was able to get a little more than 1km in EU mode, 50% obstructed area. OEM DJI Phantom 3 STANDARD RC transmitter, perfectly working | eBay Also...
  2. L

    Selling Phantom 4!!!

    Im selling my my phantom 4 standard with 2 extra batteries bearly used and carrying bag. Total flight time is less than 15 hours. Also have mini ipad cover and range extender antenas. $1000 or better offer. Have new twins and no time to fly. Poor bird needs to fly. If interested let me know
  3. MrRobville

    Do you let (inexperienced) buyers test fly your drone when selling it?

    Hi all, I'm currently working on selling my P3S and I've been having some doubts on what to do when someone wants to buy it. Hopefully some of you can share some insight. As the topic title suggests, when any of you sell your drone, do you let any -possible- inexperienced potential buyers test...
  4. MrRobville

    Selling value P3S?

    Hi All, Could anyone give me an idea of how much the P3S is still worth? I want to sell mine online. It's in perfect shape, has an authentic extra battery, propguards with phantomclips and a modified bag where the whole lot can fit in. Second handed asking prices seem to vary quite a bit online...
  5. B

    Selling P3A

    So I have a bunch of stuff for my P3A and am wanting possibly sell it to get some money to upgrade. How much do you guys think I could get out off it all? Everything is in very good condition.
  6. TomWolves


    Hello all!, I am going to sell my P2V+, my question is. How do I unregister the P2V+ out of my name with DJI FAA ?, and how does the new buyer register it in his name so he can download the DJI Phantom 2 Assistant? If the new buyer took it out and crashed damaged or hurt someone it would be in...
  7. K

    Selling phantom 4

    so this thing crashed in my yard a month ago and no one has claimed it so I am selling it. It’s kinda messed up, it powers on but idk if it works cuz I don’t have a controller. These things are selling for upwards of 100 so I guess that’s the minimum bid. idk how this stuff works just let me know!
  8. J

    Selling my drone - what do i need to do?

    Hi, I bought a Phantom 4 Pro earlier this year but never get to use it due to work and other commitments. I just wondered how I go about transferring ownership when I do find a buyer? As I registered it when i bought it on my DJI account. Also i have around 3-4 months of DJI CARE if I damage it...
  9. L

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale *MIAMI, SOUTH FLORIDA*

    Looking to sell my Phantom 4 pro. I just don't have the time to fly to take it up anymore. The drone has under under 3-4 hours of flight time and the batteries have only been charged about 4-5 times each. Would like to just deal locally to a person or hobby shop $1200 OBO whats included...
  10. T

    can be closed

    Can be closed
  11. B

    P4P+ with DJI care Refresh sale

    Great deal here P4 Pro + and OSMO Video Bundle - RC Groups
  12. KevinMason

    Need advice for selling a drone.

    I have a phantom 3 standard lying around (bought it really cheap to repair). For me to repair the whole drone it's going to be about $25- $100 max. The problem I'm having is I don't know if it would be worth selling the whole drone with everything completely fixed or parting it out and selling...
  13. G

    Selling a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone, only used once.

    I just wanted to sell my phantom 4 drone that I've used once. I have the official case, charger and remote controller. I'm currently based in the UK and paid around £1350. All the specs for the model can be found here-
  14. B

    STILL FS: Selling a P4, Flight Time < 3 hours, Lots of Bundled Extras

    In short, I will be traveling increasingly more and need to flip my P4 for a Mavic a Pro. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this drone and I'm more than happy to provide as much proof as needed to justify the purchase. Including Flight Logs and detailed history. This is simultaneously...
  15. thefrisbee995

    Selling Hardly Flown P4P - Immaculate - Can Ship (UK)

    Selling my P4P as I want to downgrade. Downgrading as I have finished my work with it. I say "less than 20 flights" as I have been using the P4P & its remote so that I can develop on Android for a 3rd party app. The battery says it has been charged 28 times (will be nearer 30 by the end of the...
  16. C

    Selling Phantom 3 Advanced (w/ extra battery) $500

    Selling Phantom 3 Advanced w/ 2 batteries, controller, 8 props, and charging cable. $500 OBO I have not used my drone as much as I hoped while in school, so I am looking to sell it. It is lightly used and the total charges on the batteries are < 20. Please contact at [email protected] or PM...
  17. K

    P4P for sale (inc DJI Care, Battery and heavy duty case)

    Bought my beloved P4P in Feb this year but due to needing a big deposit for my new house and not having time to use it I've decided its going to have to be sold on :(. Where do people recommend to sell them? Was going to do it on ebay but postage costs would be too much. Its in Like New...
  18. E

    Selling Practically New Phantom 4 (No Crashes)

    Hi there, I'm selling my practically new Phantom 4 and I can't find any legitimate websites that I can sell them on so I came here. Let me know if you are interested. Below is an image of it, and all the parts it came with on the day of purchase at the Apple store.
  19. R

    Selling my DJI Phantom 3 4K bundle

    Hi, I am selling my Phantom 3 4K bundle package. I do not want 2 P3 at my home. It is brand-new (open box). Includes 3 batteries, 2 pair of props, USB drive, 64 GB sd memory card and accessories. I have attached P3 4K photographs. Price is $715
  20. P

    Phantom 4 Pro (no longer available - eBay)

    Hey guys, I am selling my backup Phantom 4 Pro. This unit has only been flown about 5-6 times for testing purposes. This was purchased as a backup to my other Phantom 4 Pro. It has been kept in the original box since I got it. Looking to sell it to make room for my Inspire 2 that is on the way...