1. H

    Bloated Battery - Replacement Options?

    Hi there everyone. I have hardly used my P2 as it has taken me many years/months to put it all together for FPV. I purchased my P2 in early 2014 so its clearly out of warranty. My issue that has come about just the other day. I noticed just after take off and 10ft in the air, all red lights...
  2. G


    I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share PDFs of their safety checklist/SOPs with me? We are in the process of developing ours and I'd like some good examples to work off of. We will mostly be using our P4P for orthomosaics, DSMs, and inspections. Thanks!
  3. R

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  4. Newt59

    Political Action

    Guys, Just tonight I heard on Fox News XM some very disturbing news. The FAA is looking at letting local governments place restrictions on flights below 200 feet. First responders have the ability to disable drones and more and more states are allowing use of the technology. A government...
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Can a P4P ignite combustible gases?

    I guess the best example of where I'm headed with this is the age-old warning about cell phones and pumping gas at the gas pump. In an environment where combustible gases are present, is it possible for the electrical components of a P4P (motors, controllers, batteries, etc) to ignite those...
  6. JBR

    Check this after each update...

    Yesterday after updating to latest version on my nearly 2 year old P3P, I went in to check all my settings. Both RTH and Max Height were cleared and reset to 0. Good idea to check these not only after each update but before taking off on each flight. Only takes seconds.
  7. T

    Drone footage from recent disaster areas seems to break rules

    TV news reports (e.g., BBC, CBS, PBS) about the recent natural disasters, whether from Mexico, Florida or Texas, include aerial footage that appears to have been shot from a UAV. It's not unusual for the shots to be over crowds of people, traffic, etc.. Every time I see such a such a shot I...
  8. Jollino

    Maiden flight: a few questions by a newbie

    Hello all! As I wrote in the Introductions subforums, I'm a newbie to "real" quads. I had a toy Syma for a while, but went for the big upgrade and got a Phantom 3 Advanced. (I was originally aiming at the standard, but then I thought: "why not?") I got it yesterday and this morning I had my...
  9. N

    Need opinions on drone logbook design - get FREE copy

    I'm working on a drone flight logbook and hoped to get some input from this community regarding what style book you would prefer. Let me know if you would be interested in getting a FREE COPY for review once shipped (about 4 weeks for spiral/journal and 2 weeks for the others) Please submit...
  10. N

    Wanted: Amazon account holders to review flight checklist product/ free product

    Hi everyone, I designed a laminated pilot safety checklist for myself originally and then started selling them online. I recently added Amazon to the mix and need reviews for the new listings. I have two versions right now (with more color options, fonts and versions coming soon), a flat...
  11. Sunnaroe

    I owe all of you a sincere thanks-so Thanks

    Long story short-Im a noob who ,if not for this forum matching my every google search verbatim,wouldnt know where to begin.Not one post is lame if you ask me. With that being said let me get on to my lame questions-lol. Im in Cincinnati-great cityscape without any major obstacles from my...
  12. 5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    I'm going to give you some important tips for both flying and safety. Enjoy this video. If you’re looking for the best drones for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Purchase link:
  13. Nowelly

    Drone newbie in the UK... Any advice welcome!

    Hello everyone! It's my first time here in this forum, and, it is my first time venturing into the world of drones, so, I am looking forward to talking with enthusiasts, experienced and hobbyists. I will just say that I still do not yet have my drone: it is on order, but DJI seem to be taking...
  14. SoCalDude

    FAA Released New Video

    According to the FAA ...
  15. AWD

    Shipping a battery to DJI

    Are there any special precautions to use when shipping a dead battery back to DJI for replacement? Protective cover? Fireproof cover? Something like that or just pack it in a study box and ship it back? AD
  16. E

    OK to fly over people when flying inside buildings?

    After studying for the sUAS operators (part 107) test I understand we cannot fly legally over people without a waiver. That is fine for me as I can get the shots I need for work without flying over people anyway. But I've been seeing footage in ads and online where a drone is flying over...
  17. Drestin Black

    Hey DJI: Easy solution to most crashes

    I've been reading a lot on this forum and others. To me, the most common sources of crashes are: actually hitting something due to pilot error and return to home crashes. I'd like to address this second category because there is a very easy solution to it, that can be done via software...
  18. M

    Oil refinery uses

    I'm a firefighter/medic in an oil refinery that has been tasked with looking into implementation of a drone to use for various safety and inspection jobs. I have zero experience with drones, so I'm looking for help in ways to train, implement, and use a drone in our setting. TYA
  19. Fishie

    Anbee 4pcs Quick-release Propr Guards for Phantom 4 - Save money on new props! Buy these! One accident will pay for itself in new props. Phantom 4 props at $9-$10 for a set of two will cost $20 total to replace all four.. Save money now and invest upfront! PROS: -Excellent...
  20. BayouBill

    DIY Battery Project

    I am interested in doing a DIY battery project to improve the margin of flight safety. I have seen reports of "P3 dropped from the sky" in which an analysis showed the battery voltage dropped dangerously low (close to 3 volts) while the capacity display showed enough energy for a safe landing...