1. M

    What's special about the P3 SE ?

    I hope other p3 se owners help me with this because I'm really confused !!! Lately, I bought the phantom 3 SE knowing that it was the most recent phantom 3 ever made ( so logically it was the most expensive too...), knowing also that it came out after the phantom 4 I thought that it would be...
  2. Aerial Optix

    Drone Blog Subjects?

    Hello pilots, I'm with an aerial videography business located in Wilmington NC. I am starting a weekly blog about all things drones and would love some input on what you think would make for interesting content. Subjects can vary wildly and be anywhere from new uses of drones, specific types of...
  3. C

    UAS Registration, LLC Questions

    Has anyone registered their commercial UAS under it's own LLC? I've been looking up information regarding the process, do you use the name of your business? Do you register that LLC in your state? Do I have to have a LLC already established before I can register my drone under it? Remote pilot...
  4. M

    Hi - I Fly My Drone Around Cranes...

    Some may think that's not a good idea... and it generally isn't. ... Well it probably isn't at all if ya wanna argue about it. I do it anyway. I am a crane operator with quite a bit of experience... I can tell where to be when, more importantly I can tell when something is going to go down...
  5. devinew777

    Constructive criticism for video

    Brother and I just put up first video using phantom 3 4k. Just looking for some constructive criticism to help us improve our next video! Thanks in advance!
  6. H

    registration question

    just paid the 5$ for the simple non commercial option just to make sure i was legal . my question is : when ever I'm ready to go out and try for paid jobs do i have to do the process again but for commercial lic ????
  7. P

    Getting my new P3 Advanced Tomorrow...

    So as the thread title suggests I am getting my new P3A tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys could tell me anything cool about the Advanced that I might not already know... Thanks in advanced!
  8. tml4191

    Couple of questions..please answer

    1. What happened to the far right button next to the shutter? I'm transitioning from a p3p, and that button used to be videos/photos shot. What button do I press to preview the files I shot/recorded? 2. After I do an AEB/(I think this applies to single shots too), the screen goes temporarily...
  9. D.Bennett

    Construction Site Progress Shoot ???

    Is there anyone here that has flown construction sites for site progress photography/videography? I'm wondering if you would share a few things: - Price range to charge? - Contract or No Contract? If so, what are the terms? ex. How often are the updates required? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) -...
  10. Nate-xt

    Interference errors?

    The other day, i was flying just before sunset and was coming for a landing, i was probably still 50-60 feet in the air when i got about 20 "strong interference" warnings. What causes this? And why did it keep coming back? ive gotten it before, but never had it come back 20 times.
  11. tml4191

    Litchi mission question

    Even when it gets disconnected, I understand that litchi keeps on going if the mission is set, but can it return to home if I hit the RTH button in the middle of a disconnected mission?
  12. tml4191

    What gives more range? Maxxrange or Sunhans evolite(boosted)?

    If I already have the itelite(9dbi) antennae installed, which upgrade gives a greater distance? Is upgrading to the maxxrange(14dbi) antennae better, or will the itelite(9dbi) antennae with a evolite(sunhans booster) kit outperform an unboosted maxxrange antennae?
  13. SoCalDude

    Questions Before I Purchase Litchi ...

    Before I decide to purchase Litchi for my Phantom 4, I have a list of questions ... I use an iPad Air2 (128 GB) that is WiFi only. Will this work while I'm out in the field with no network/internet connection? Does flying a Litchi mission also save a traditional Phantom log that I can...