phantom 3 advanced

  1. B

    Phantom 3 Advanced, gimbal top board problem

    Hello, After looking for a solution on this website, I decided to post my problem. My problem is with my gimbal top board P01069.10 of my Phantom 3 advanced. the LED stay off when I turn on the drone. The voltages on the board are OK exept : 1V2, VCC3V3 and VCC1V8 who stay at 0V (maybe only...
  2. D

    Restricted Geo Zones

    I'm trying to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced out in the country and there's a prison nearby. Its been a few years since I've flown but I stopped because after doing a database update it wouldn't let me fly it. The current restriction is a pretty large radius, but when trying to fly a Mavic 2, the...
  3. A

    Advanced Phantom 3 Advanced - no video feed on remote/ipad

    Hi! I have a P3A that I sent back to DJI for repairs. They quoted me almost $400 to fix my drone that has never been in a crash. I have no video signal on my phone, it shows a black screen, BUT the gimbal control works fine. Any suggestions on how to repair this myself for less? Any help...
  4. P

    Intermittent Disconnect problem P3 Advanced

    Hi all, I just bought a used Phantom 3 Advanced and I am having intermittent problems. I set up the drone in my house to test it and it would not connect. No matter what order I used to turn things on I get a Disconnect and the grey bar. The controller works. I then go to the park and it works...
  5. N

    SOLD Phantom 3 Advanced + DJI Backpack

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great. The gimbal wheel in the RC is not working. Ready to fly. Includes the following: Phantom 3 Advanced (2.7k) 16GB SD Card Batteries x 1 OEM Charger (Not...
  6. Z

    Advanced Does anyone have a P3A camera + gimbal for sale?

    Recently crashed my P3A and completely broke the gimbal, Would offer up to £180 depending on the condition All the parts are discontinued so cannot buy one from dji Many thanks, Zack
  7. P

    Timed shots

    I wanted to check timed shots yesterday and app showed only 10, 20 and 30 seconds as an option. Is it app related, firmware related, or is it just that with phantom 3 advanced? Thanx for you help!
  8. martinetti

    Problems with Home Lock in Litchi

    Hi. After a while working with Litchi and my P3A, I'm not able to entre Home Lock / Course Lock anymore. As soon as I try, I receive a padlock icon (see pictures). I tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling DJI Go just in case but it didn't solve the problem. Litchi Home and Course Lock worked...
  9. P

    SOLD $500: Phantom 3 Advanced w/Backpack, Spare Battery

    SOLD! Selling my complete P3A w/spare battery, propellers, backpack, filters, and more (see photos). I recently replaced the entire shell, so it looks almost like brand new and flies and functions great. Original box and all original accessories plus some extras are included: - Quadcopter -...
  10. Kara Murphy

    Photos taken with a P3 Advanced

    Hi All, I wanted to share some photos taken before and after with a Phantom 3 Advanced at the end of 2015. The first photo was sitting in my Lightroom library because I couldn't figure out how to bring out the best. The latter is the result of attending DJI Aerial Photo Academy. I learned a lot...
  11. lnh2424

    Refurbished Unit

    Are DJI refurbished phantom 3 SE-Pro any good. Is it worth it or should I just buy a new one.
  12. O

    UK phantom 3 advanced for sale, with extras

    Hi, Selling my Phantom 3 Advanced as have passed pfco and now bought Aspire 2. Great condition, with spare props, Peli style case, 3 genuine batteries , Dji normal charger, and DJI fast charger. Based in Gloucestershire, and trial / demonstration welcome. price negotiable. Please pm me for...
  13. PaulArcher - Drones Gator

    Xiaomi 4k Vs Phantom 3 - Which is better?

    Hello guys! I got asked this question a lot of times since I got my Xiaomi 4k a few months ago and I finally decided to make a comparison between it and the Phantom 3. Phantom 3 is a pretty old model by now, but god **** it still is very relevant as an amazing camera drone on the market...
  14. I

    Phantom 3 Advanced w/Box and Accessories -$450 (SOLD)

    Hey all, as you can probably tell I'm new here. My dad is looking to sell his P3A since he just ordered a P4P+ Now I'm sure you're wary about this because I'm new here, but I created this because I just listed it over on reddit hardwareswap. Here's my post there. Over on that subreddit I've...
  15. Bad Andy

    Graceful Yaw with P3A?

    I have a Phantom 3 Advanced and find the default yaw response not just too fast but too "instant". I can dial down the gain so it's easier to manage yaw at the stick, but what I'm really looking for is a dampened response to the yaw control. Is there a way to accomplish this in the DJI app...
  16. HermitPurple

    First Drone Footage!

    Shot this in the mountains of NC. Would love to hear everyone's opinion on it. Any constructive feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Watch in 2k for best quality Filmed the morning after Eclipse, Phantom 3 Advanced. ND 8 Filter, 100 ISO
  17. G

    P3A motor noise

    First, the motor made a strange metallic clicking noise when I turned it with my hand. After that, I made 2 short <5 min flights, and in the second one I accidentally crashed into a branch of a tree and the drone fell on the props onto the ground. There was no damage except one broken prop...
  18. Stevedots

    Stress Crap

    Hello All, I know the stress cracks in the Phantom 3 Advanced aren’t a new topic but I think I’m the first to have this happen. After discovering stress cracks both on the bottom and top shells I opened her up and I was shocked to see what I found! Not only multiple micro cracks but two of...
  19. Phil Tuggle

    (Completed)GIG: South Carolina - Get my P3A running under DJI Go

    I need a hands-on person who "knows their stuff." My P3 Advanced, which I had for a long time and flown very successfully, has suffered the forced upgrade of DJI Go 3.1.8 and therefore is messed up. Litchi still functions properly. Need a knowledgeable person here in SC to get things right...
  20. J

    Phantom 3 advanced w/ 4 genuine batteries

    Haven't had it long and bought from a friend who had it from new. in great working order with 4 batteries (genuine dji) carry back pack case, range extenders, camera filters, motor covers, 3d printed tablet holder for larger tablets and more. Can obviously be seen working before purchase and can...