1. T

    Magnetic Field Interference

    Today I was over a corn field in an area with no hills or obstructions for 2 miles in every direction and not near any buildings. I got three warnings in one minute for weak GPS and then a Magnetic Field Interference warning and my Phantom started flying in a very unstable way. Thankfully I...
  2. F

    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    I have enjoyed my Phantom 4 plus. Flew great. No crashes etc. Stored it away for winter. Got it out to charge everything up. Update software etc. The remote control battery would not charge. Common problem. So I am now between three camps so to speak. My choices............. 1. Sell...
  3. F

    Find out flight/usage time on used P4P+?

    Hi I just bought an opened box store item for $1150. It looks very new or not used at all and what's missing is a battery that's why its cheap. Also there's some dusts (or I'm just being paranoid) inside one of the motors. The landing pads have a touch of used look. The controller looks new...
  4. furthertofly

    Moonrise, LaSal Mountains, Moab, Utah (P4P+; HDR; Aurora; Photoshop)

    Moonrise, LaSal Mountains, Moab, Utah (P4P+; HDR; Aurora; Photoshop)
  5. C

    P4P and Rain

    How long can the P4P v2 handle being in moderate amount of rain before it becomes nonoperational? My main concern is: if there is a chance of rain < 40% then out of nowhere it pours down, I wouldn't want my drone to become damaged.
  6. Sykhawk

    Using app with P4P+

    OK, so I'm massively disappointed after searching here and finding I can't use Litchi with my P4P Plus (the one with the fixed screen included). Disappointed, because I intend to use my drone commercially, and the waypoint function in Litchi is obviously a big advantage. But c'est la vie...
  7. David Cooke

    Phantom 4Pro+ Thumbnails

    Why are there no "thumbnails" all of a sudden in the flight summary menu? It's doing it intermittently in my Mavic interface too .. but has stopped all together in the P4P+. Do I need to clear cash or what? . . I don't recall changing any settings (DJI Go 4 is vers. 4.1.22). Does it only log...
  8. W

    Hello from Finland

    Hi, you seem to be plenty here. Been close to drone some 2 months now and the main target is geo mapping. Bought P4P plus ( ;( mistake cant get it working for the purpose. Should have bought P4P ) Anyway trying to get around the problem elsewhere in the forum. However. One issue is puzzling...
  9. B

    GPS Signal lost, Switched to ATTI Mode, Flew the drone home

    I flew my drone in the coast and tried to take some photo of a small island. It is only about 300m direct distance from home point, and about 3500m to a military NFZ (see the figure in red square, blue is military NFZ). Drone was taken off smoothly with GPS level about 14. I started to fly to...
  10. B

    Visual calibration: some computer didn't work. What's the Reason?

    I regularly do the visual calibration in my P4P+ drone, however, I found that the assistant 2 didn’t work at all in my new laptop (Dell, I7). No calibration images came out. Next, I tried my old laptop (Asus) connected with a 29 inch monitor, it also didn’t work and no calibration image...
  11. B

    Gimbal could not move when flied the drone in the wind

    I tried to fly my P4P+ in 18miles/hour wind and to take some photos (short distance <500m, altitude <50m), I found the gimbal could not move at all. It kept in downward position. Then I took the drone home and re-calibrated the gimbal and IMU, everything was fine. I flied at home, gimbal showed...
  12. furthertofly

    Above Fisher Towers #2

    P4P+; near Moab, Utah.
  13. David Cooke

    P4P Stabilized FLIR for under $5,000

    First the solution: The price of a basic FLIR system (camera, gimble and controller) starts at around $15,000, but a camera alone can be that much, so this has been out of reach for most businesses who do not a budget of $25-30K. . . . So I was pleased to find IntelligentUAS and oemcameras...
  14. D

    (SOLD) P4P+ Controller - Mint - $300US

    GL300E Model Looking to move my mint Phantom 4 Pro+ Controller. It works flawlessly. I have bad eyesight and because the screen works great in the daylight I though I could get away with it but I needed a bigger screen so I opted to buy a regular remote and use my iPad Mini 4. Just trying to...
  15. U

    The true scoop on the latest P4P+ AC update to V01.05.0600 and RC+ update to V1.3.6.0?

    I felt it may be beneficial to start a post to get a good representation of feedback from current P4P+ owners regarding the upgrade experience and results, good or bad, of loading DJI's latest release of firmware (2018.03.08) for the P4P+. Since DJI's history of releasing bug-free firmware...
  16. U

    P4P+ RC loaded with Ver. firmware in RC and Ver. 01.03.0509 firmware in AC?

    Does anyone know if this combination will work at all or is it a combination of firmware that is incompatible? Obviously I don't want to try a combination that may work initially before flight but that will be so unstable when in the air that safe flight is not possible. I am just curious if...
  17. David Cooke

    P4P+ Controller update v01.03.06.00 - now Litchi?

    Just upgraded my P4P PLUS controller system software ( with crystal sky monitor) to v01.03.06.00 . . .says it "now supports up to 20 third-party apps" . . does that include Litchi . . .?? if so How . . instructions to "just go to settings/apps" shows nothing about how to add an app or even...
  18. U

    P4 Firmware Latest Firmware from DJI - v01.03.06.00 for P4P+

    Apparently DJI released a new version of firmware for the P4P+ controller on 2018-02-09. Has anyone loaded it and if so what were the results? Any issues it causes, features lost, etc. I am trying to get a pulse on the quality of the release. I am still running version '503' since the '602'...
  19. *CurtK*

    First Run! (P4P+)

    Learning every time I fly. So far, real happy with everything. Camera settings are default. Hope to play more with that, but really having fun.
  20. J

    P4P+: DLing video via USB from onboard controller memory?

    Sorry if this has been asked, but I wasn't able to find it while searching the keywords I could think of. I went flying yesterday. I knew my SD card was full, but I figured I'd format it from the quad at the beginning of the first battery. I did that, but apparently it didn't work, so I didn't...