no signal

  1. I

    Phantom 4 pro plus no signal

    Hello everybody! I just bought my phantom 4 pro plus three days ago and after a few flights without any problem, now, after the drone connects to the remote, it displays "No signal" and I can't see the image of the camera on the remote screen. Also, some of the info about the drone come up as...
  2. Infinite_parts

    Phantom 3 Pro gimbal falls asleep after drone is turned on / no signal

    Hi folks, Another issue with P3P. Not sure what really happened but now P3P gimbal is falling asleep after drone is turned on. It dances that starting loop then green light blinks few times and camera goes down like falling asleep. I know that GL300C RC is recently upgraded. Yesterday this P3P...
  3. jp_flkeys

    P3P Screen Viewing Problems

    Hope someone can help me with this. I've had my P3P for almost a year now & it has been working flawlessly. Just for the record I've never crashed it, its never been dropped, its in a protective case always when not in the air, & I flew it 3 days in a row no problem taking photos & yesterday...
  4. S

    No signal and red dot blinking battery when turn off

    Hi all, Yesterday I flew with 1 of my 3 batteries, doing photos and footage and no problem, when the 1st battery went down I just landed and changed the battery, and when I turned on RC and P3 DJI app was telling me "no signal". I turned off the battery and it show red dot blinking. Any idea...
  5. S

    Not connecting

    Ok I have done all firmware and software updates. I have only been able to fly twice since before the last firmware update. Now I can not connect to my drone in either program. Any ideas???? Thanks Freaking frustrated
  6. M

    Going insane. Please help

    Hello all, I just received my p3 adv. yesterday. Been solid about 13 hours since then trying to get it to fly. Heck at least something. Ive read every single thing i could find on disconnected and no signal. Nothing helps. Every time i turn on rc and copter the dji go app just shows...
  7. P

    Crash and Drone connection issue with the RC

    Hi everybody, Last night I had crash with my phantom 3 standard. After the crash the phantom looked OK nothing broken except 2 props which I replaced them. But as I turned it on after the crash everything looks normal but the indicator on the RC remains red and won`t connect to the drone. I...
  8. P


    i have a phantom3 advanced I have been flying for 1 year now. i upgraded the software many times. has some problems in the past, but not to this extend. CLEARLY DJI DOES NOT TEST THE SOFTWARE BEFORE RELEASE i recently got a notification that there is a update available for my drone so i...
  9. johnny21

    Litchi mission - Seven and a half minutes "no signal",but...

    Today I decided to plan a difficult mission involving turning and descending in a valley.Almost 30 seconds after beginning the mission I lost signal for 7,5 minutes and had to wait until my P3P returned. Mission completed successfully and this is why I am a big fan of Litchi. All I had to do...
  10. S

    Losing Video Feed In Flight

    Hello, I have a phantom 3 standard and i have been having an issue with my video feed while flying. I will get like 300 feet out, 100 feet up and suddenly i get a "NO SIGNAL" in red at the top status bar that is normally green. When this happens, i lose my video feed, and it comes back a few...
  11. Alfex

    Phantom 3 Standard Loses Video Signal Before RC signal

    So yesterday I flew my P3S about 600m away in CE mode all stock which was a new record for me and was getting the 'Image Transmission Signal Weak' warning and the video was really laggy and kept freezing however I still had full bars on the RC signal. I was wondering if this is normal as...
  12. Rob Robertson

    No Live Video Feed on P3P using DJI Go or Litchi

    I have been having problems with my Phantom 3 Pro. I have eliminated some possible causes, but I’m having no luck solving the problem. Everything seems to be working fine except for the live video transmission. I get full strength on the RC connection, Full strength on the video...
  13. johnny21

    NO SIGNAL at 12,000ft-*UPDATE 3* with windsurf antenna

    Hi, I am John from Serres,Greece and this is my first post. Yesterday, I decided to push my P3P to the limit. The aircraft flew to 10,000ft with solid signal and after 2 "WEAK SIGNAL" warnings and at 12,000ft I got the "NO SIGNAL". Aircraft auto-switched to RTH and about three minutes later...
  14. P


    Good afternoon all, Can someone advise where I can find MVOM0Fw.bin file? I need to downgrade my Phantom 3 professional due to the ongoing "No signal" issue. Thanks in advance
  15. pounder35

    More on "No Signal" message.

    I had my P3A in for reapir at DJI for about a month with the "ESC Error" message. Apparently they replaced the main board. (Under warranty). The last two days I get an erratic "No Signal" warning with DJI GO. I've also tried the Litchi app with no luck. I have video and it says remote connected...
  16. P

    Phantom 3 Professional - "No Signal"

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help if possible. I purchased a Phantom 3 Professional in September last year, gave it about 10 flights and worked perfectly. Since winter, it's been in it's box until this week. Upon taking it out if it's box again, I was prompted to update several firmware -...
  17. N

    Phantom 3 Professional No Signal and broken firmware upgrading, fire alarm solid fail tone

    Hey there, My phantom 3 professional died when trying to update the firmware. I will take you through the process that I followed and the results. I've also attached the text log file. I had not updated since version Packet: P3X_FW_V01.04.0010.bin since I bought the drone in August 2015. As...
  18. Zsolt

    No Signal/Disconnected with Nexus 6 MM

    Hey guys, I can't connect to the drone running Android 6 (Marshmallow) to my P3S. Connecting to the remote WiFi works without any problems, but the app shows me either No Signal or Disconnected. Strange thing is, that if I hold my finger on the screen and drag it up/down, the camera is moving...
  19. Guilherme Botelho

    No Signal error - Camera is not working

    Hello guys, I'm new here in the forum and would receive your help to try to solve my problem. I think I had no luck with my Phantom 3 Standard... I bought my Phantom less than 2 months and I'm already having serious problems . This morning , when I tried to fly, the application did not...
  20. D

    Has anyone solved Disconnect/No Signal problem?

    Has anyone fix/solve this No Signal/ Disconnected problem with DJI App? Please share how did you fix it,