no fly zone

  1. OzoneTech

    No Fly Zone

    I have a P4P+ . I can use the quad with GL300 E (with built in screen controller). Recently I purchased controller GL300F (without the built in screen) so as to use third party App with the P4P. After I Bhind the drone with the GL300F I keep getting the No- Fly Zones dialogue box (where as I...
  2. DroneJI

    Flying A Yunecc in Arches National Park!

    I was on a Long Vacation on 09/08/2018 i was Leaving Arches National Park and see a Yuneec Drone in the air about midway in the Park! I did go up to this Guy And asked him to bring it down or get reported! He jut Blew me off (the Girls he was with Knew they Took OFF fast) he just gave me a Few...
  3. B

    Help Grounded! Yellow Zone Acting Like Red No Fly Zone

    I am getting a graphic warning that I am in a Red No Fly Zone whenever I attempt to fly within the inner yellow circle around KMRH, Beaufort, NC. I also get an audible warning of “Minus 1008”. I am unable to power up within the inner yellow circle but have no problem outside the inner circle...
  4. S

    Flying In Sydney East and the Harbor

    I got this wonderful email from an American national who is travelling to AUS and wanted some information on flying in Sydney Harbor. While talking to this guy I decided to create a really helpful info pack about flying around Sydney Harbor including secluded spots to fly from, where to fly and...
  5. tml4191

    DJI's New Stealth Mode

    DJI Launches Local Data Mode for DJI Pilot App - WeTalkUAV
  6. P

    TFRs and getting permission to fly

    Hey all, I've had my Part 107 since April and have a firm understanding of the rules in my rural Georgia area, but I wanted to run a situation across here to get some thoughts from the community. I live in Perry, GA and am working with the City of Perry to produce a short 'commercial' for their...
  7. M

    Fire No Fly Zone

    I'm trying to fly my P4 around my home for some practice and familiarity. I've been flying successfully for several days after I first purchased it at my home and now I'm getting a "Can't fly in a no fly zone" error. I live about 5 miles where there was a fire on a mountain side but that fire...
  8. Sundevilfan

    Scottsdale AZ Airport Relaxed Regulations

    I had a very friendly and informative phone call yesterday with the FAA supervisor at the Scottsdale airport tower. There is a Scottsdale regulation that relaxes the no-fly zone from 5 miles to 2 miles. However, in my discussion with the FAA supervisor he advised me that the airport is still...
  9. B

    Anyone have a *MAC* copy of the pre- No Fly Zone (v.3.0.8??) Phantom 2 Assistant?

    Hi all, I'm a licensed Part 107 pilot with an FAA waiver to fly near an airport, and I'm trying to get my Phantom 2s to do it. I understand that the only way is to downgrade the firmware to a version before DJI included the No Fly Zone feature. The firmware is contained and installed through...
  10. Chuck1906

    DJI Go App giving false info...

    Just wondering if this is normal but I just updated my firmware and Go App to the latest update about 2 weeks ago now. I went flying to a location down the street from my house and I checked the airspace with Skyvector and the area is Class G and Class B starts at 3,000 feet. When I fired up the...
  11. SteveEsqueda

    Cal State University Monterey Bay Flight?

    Hello all, I want to start by saying I LOVE this forum. I have learned so much and also spent so much $$ on products you all suggest. It has all made my droning more fun and the results so much better. Thank you. OK, here is my question. I have a good friend who owns a demo business. They are...
  12. J


  13. B

    Prisontime for Drone Flyers.

    It was Johnny Cash who once sang Folsom Prison Blues although it can be said he never thought of drone pilots in mind when writing this tune. More recently, with Canada and more lately China, drone pilots can have strict fines or penalties. Such is the case of Tony Lin, a college student in...
  14. thefrisbee995

    How close can I get to this castle?

    So there is a castle I know of, you can see in this video I made (at 1:12) that I went close to it but I didn't want to fly right over it. My question is, is it legal to fly over it if it is privately owned? I usually only fly in public places where I know I am allowed so I don't annoy anyone or...
  15. vcinfio

    DJI Go App No Fly Zone Update - Feb 12

    I am very reluctant to update the app as the description on the app store reads "update no fly zone library". Has anyone updated the app and noticed an addition to the quantity of no fly zones?
  16. R

    Flying in NFZ's

    Here's a simple how to video on flying your drone within 5 miles of an airport. Not all airports will grant you access so please follow the local law.
  17. R

    No fly zone messages

    Just bought a new Phantom 4. Had to update firmware in drone. That has been done. Now when I've got everything hooked up and turned on, I get a no fly zone, nuclear power plant message and it will not let me take off. I live in Springfield, VA 22150 about 12 miles South of Washington DC. There...
  18. David Cooke

    How to turn off prohibited zones!

    More of a question than a statement. . . does anyone know how?? . . or is it permanently buried in the dji software. I do have a valid and rational commercial use for this . . that's legal, given the proper clearances. Anyone know about how P4 restricted coordinates are maintained? I'm talking...
  19. Phil Tuggle

    Concise Procedure for Unlocking NO FLY (Yellow) Zones?

    Has anyone worked out the step-by-step workflow for unlocking a NoFly Zone in the United States? My confusion comes from first working with a desktop computer while planning, and then later working with my non-phone - wifi only - mobile device (GO App) in the field. I do not want a conflict in...
  20. R

    A cautionary video

    Just a video I saw on Facebook about being safe while flying your drone. Tongue in cheek but,